Upgrade to gitolite from gitosis #15

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fire commented Oct 15, 2011

Why does gitlab use gitosis? My internet gist is that gitolite is a better gitosis. gitosis is not maintained.

There is a rails gem for gitolite.

Gitolite is attractive since it's alive for my GitLab Annex #13 project.


dzaporozhets commented Oct 15, 2011

We choose gitosis cause we know it as stable and simple solution. Maybe later we'll replace it with gitolite.

fire commented Oct 15, 2011

Is there anything obvious blocking me from making a patch that replaces gitosis with gitolite before I start working?

@fire fire referenced this issue Oct 15, 2011


Support git annex #13


dzaporozhets commented Oct 15, 2011

nope. it will be cool if you do.

fire commented Oct 16, 2011

#21 mentions gitolite integration.

@fire fire referenced this issue Oct 17, 2011


Gitolite support #32

CedricGatay added a commit to CedricGatay/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Dec 26, 2011

Autolinks to issues in commit message (see #155)
It matches #[0-9]+ in commit messages.
For example
 * Fix for #12
 * Code review for #56
 * Test for #15, Review on #54, Fix for #42

 It only links to valid issues (existing and belonging to the current project)
 It does not add any link to the commit in the issue page, it only consists in parsing the commit message when displayed.

 This can be considere as a primary work for the issue #155 on gitlabhq/gitlabhq.

docwhat pushed a commit to docwhat/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Mar 14, 2013

Christian Höltje
api/internal: Add admin check
This adds an internal API to check if a specific SSH key belongs
to an admin.

This is needed for [GitShell pull
request #15](gitlabhq/gitlab-shell#15)
which allows admins to full ssh access instead of being limited
to just remote git commands.

Rovanion pushed a commit to Rovanion/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Nov 15, 2013

Merge pull request #15 from janaka/patch-1
Fix the Gitlab hooks setup

@amouhzi amouhzi referenced this issue Mar 4, 2014


Mail subject #6464

larryli added a commit to larryli/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Jan 6, 2016

jirutka pushed a commit to jirutka/gitlabhq that referenced this issue May 18, 2017

Submodule partial: Return empty string
…And that's why views should be logic-less!
Should fix issue #15
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