Automatic merge says localhast instead of real hostname #2479

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Commit message says:

Merge branch 'pci-manager' of localhost:GROUP/PROJECT

gitlab.yml is configured properly:

## GitLab settings
  ## Web server settings
  port: 80
  https: false

gitlab.yml seems to be configured properly since all other references to host work, e.g. path for cloning, email...

Running on: 4.1.0pre c8ba5c2


GitLab information
Version:    4.1.0pre
Revision:   c8ba5c2
Directory:  /home/gitlab/gitlab
DB Adapter: mysql2
HTTP Clone URL: http://REAL_HOST_NAME/some-project.git
SSH Clone URL:  git@REAL_HOST_NAME:some-project.git
Using LDAP: no
Using Omniauth: no

You may need to set the SSH host further down in the config file

    [code omitted]
    ssh_host: REAL_HOST_NAME
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This is also set correctly. I can clone via ssh.

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This doesn't affect new created projects. This only affects my previously created projects on my production server.

@mikkyhouse mikkyhouse closed this Feb 25, 2013
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@mikkyhouse May reopen the issue? The system is still affected by this issue. By the way cat config/gitlab.yml | grep localhost returns nothing. Where does this localhost come from?

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I fixed the issue with deleting all satellites and recreate them again. Now mergerequests point to the right host.

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