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Public Read-only code access for Project #2549

dzaporozhets opened this Issue Jan 10, 2013 · 36 comments


None yet

dzaporozhets commented Jan 10, 2013

Hey guys. I read a lot of issues about public access to projects.
Since GitLab is private code hosting - You know I am against this idea.
But i think it maybe a compromise for us.

What If we allow enable http-readonly-clone for specific projects?

1. Check Public mode in project settings


2. Public page at http://yourdomain/public



I can push this stuff to master before 4.1 if get positive feedback


dzaporozhets commented Jan 10, 2013

related to #2549


riyad commented Jan 10, 2013

+1 there are a lot of people asking for something like this


This would be great!

Yes, please!


bytheway commented Jan 10, 2013


Absolutely! +1

Spredzy commented Jan 10, 2013

Definitely, I'd love this feature.

achamo commented Jan 10, 2013

👍 thanks !


AlexDenisov commented Jan 10, 2013

It makes sense, but I think the next step would "We need the readonly issues for public projects!!1" or similar.

When I need to publish my code I just create repo on github. And that's all.
So I don't like this feature. IMHO.

Very useful with private network also, thx


tdm00 commented Jan 10, 2013

👍👍👍👍👍👍 please :shipit:

mckern commented Jan 10, 2013

I'd say "yes please" on this. Even for private hosting, there's an additional few steps for people who just want to check out the code and use it without ever worrying about committing it back or maintaining their own fork of it. Git becomes the method of deployment for them (real world example from our organization: Puppet manifests), and being able to do public anonymous clones would dramatically simplify that part of the process.


tdm00 commented Jan 10, 2013

Here at the University there are projects that I work on and would like to share, but since others that don't know git don't have access I have to send them a copy or host it elsewhere. With public access they can get the files themselves and they'll always be up-to-date without me having to do a separate sharing service.

tvb commented Jan 10, 2013

Maybe add the button "Download" as well to download the tar.gz?

tmaone commented Jan 10, 2013

+1 This in my opinion is a feature that was missing all along.

Great! I know that you are totally against this and do that only as a flavor to all users - and that's what I really appreciate. It's not only the feature, it's you - willing to do that. Thanks a lot!

Ving commented Jan 10, 2013

Actually, it's not necessary for my team, but I see many "yes" here, so it seems it's worth to be implemented.

i am against.

at first i love the idea but i think politically it wouldn't help gitlab.
an alternative would be something like Autopush to a git | github repo to sync you private and public repo...


@timglabisch how would it not help politically?


yuters commented Jan 10, 2013

Although I prefer using deploy keys or guest access, I understand this could be an easier way for people that have to manage a lot of users/repos. so 👍

mjwall commented Jan 10, 2013


nunoar commented Jan 10, 2013


@ghost ghost assigned dzaporozhets Jan 11, 2013


ras0ir commented Jan 11, 2013


mctully commented Jan 11, 2013

+1 yes please. Though your previous suggestion (a while ago now) of being able to set permissions for 'any authenticated' user would be even better, as that would allow an LDAP auth user to sign in, clone, read issues, browse diffs etc


rk4an commented Jan 11, 2013


one more addition to this. I once read that it's not only a question of what is missing/wished, but also of do we really need it. nearly everything could be integrated (someone always wishes something), but a good developers asks himself, if it really is useful.

I wrote this so less experienced users may think about it - it's so important..and of course that the gitlab team knows, it's doing the absolutely right thing.

Related to this specific issue, see me 1st comment. Thx :)


+1 👍 and it would be nice to allow other features (issues, mergerequest, network graph) to be configurable for public access per project/group with RO/RW mode.


dzaporozhets commented Jan 13, 2013

ok merged to master. Thank you for feedback


dzaporozhets commented Jan 13, 2013


👍 🆒

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