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It seems that sub folders are not supported.
Browsing to https://gitlab/namespace/project/wikis/subfolder/page will bring you to the "edit mode" with an empty document (albeit "page" having some content).

It also seems like using GFM prevent making links to images within the repository (at least they are not displayed).

DanKnox commented Mar 18, 2013

Subfolders are indeed not yet supported when viewing within Gitlab. I left out support for most of the advanced Gollum features on the first pull request for several reasons.

  1. I wanted to provide a base implementation that exactly reproduces the current (at the time) functionality of the Gitlab Wiki system when accessed through Gitlab. I figured this was a great starting place and we can layer in more advanced Gollum features if/when desired. I also didn't want to "rock the boat" too much by completing throwing out all traces of the effort that the Gitlab maintainers had already invested into the Wiki system. This also makes sense from a usability standpoint. Gitlab users that enjoy the current Wiki system shouldn't necessarily be forced to learn how to use a whole new system immediately. I wanted the transition to be as smooth as possible.
  2. So far I have had a bit of resistance from the core project maintainers when beginning to add in support in the Gitlab UI for all of the markdown formats that Gollum can handle. I understand their desire to limit dependencies of the project and maybe there won't be any resistance to adding in support for things like sub folders and local repository images, etc. (Though these advanced features will force a significant change in the Wiki UI)


I do hope to eventually support all of Gollum's advanced functionality. It's taken quite a bit of work just to get here. I hope that with the blessing of the core maintainers we can continue to improve upon the Wiki system.

Lastly, if there is a feature that you wish to see supported, pull requests are very much appreciated. I have already spent quite a few hours just implementing the base functionality. I do plan on layering on the rest of the Gollum goodness, it just may take me quite awhile.

In a rush... had to make several grammar edits... sorry for the extra emails.*


Thanks Dan for taking the time to reply.

I initially opened the issue because i wasn't sure if that was the expected behavior… or not.
No doubt a Gollum integration is lots of work (thanks again!) and having your initial PR merged is already a big step forward.
Unfortunately, i won't be able to help coding (ruby ain't my cup of tea).

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