FEATURE REQUEST: Allow camelCase / PascalCase repo names #4169

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The forcing of repo names to lowercase is a bit annoying and creates a huge amount of work for us to move to Gitlab. At the very least, camel or Pascal casing helps with readability of long repo names. For many folks -- us included -- consistency with .Net namespaces is a big deal.

Without the ability to preserve the current repo names while converting from gitolite, it creates a huge project for us to migrate. We have over 400 repos and lots and lots of automation and tooling -- all of which would need to be modified -- relying on our current naming conventions.

Allowing the preferred casing in the project name in the GUI isn't enough. It needs to be allowed in the repo name itself.

Basically, this is the one thing that is keeping us from using Gitlab. Bummer.


senny commented Jun 3, 2013

Hey @rocketsquawk

Thanks for your interest in GitLab ❤️

We don't use the Github issue tracker for feature requests. Please use http://feedback.gitlab.com/ for this purpose. Have a look at the contribution guidelines for more information.

Also don't hesitate to use the support forum if you have further questions.

@senny senny closed this Jun 3, 2013

@senny -- I'm a little frustrated. I opened a ticket there and got nothing -- but the tickets here live on. See #2687 (comment) and let me know your thoughts. (Thoughts other than, "We don't take requests that way anymore, please fill out Form #12-TPS-Q456 and stand in the back of the line.")


tbe commented Jun 17, 2013

@senny this is an issue and not a feature request. Why? Because it worked with gitlab 3.0 - And was broken with the updates.

@senny @randx I was about to roll GitLab out for my company (even after the frustrating install process on SLES) when I realized it doesn't support mixed case project names. That's... well, insane really. This one issue most definitely prevents us from migrating to GitLab. As I understand, based on past user reports like the one from @tbe , it used to work? Please address. Thank you.


senny commented Jun 17, 2013

@randx do you remember why this used to work but stopped working with GitLab 4?

@senny @randx FYI, I just upgraded from 5-2-stable to master (currently 5.3.0.beta1, 68b601f) and it has the option after creating a project to rename the repository and it does accept mixed case names. The project still creates an all-lowercase repo name upon initial creation, however.

@senny : According to @vsizov in #2687:

forcing lowercase repo names - it is easy way to avoid many problems. So we prefer to keep it as is.
What about your case. I think that creation of two projects with different case is bad idea from the beginning. What will you do with windows user?!

BTW, the "official" request is here. Vote it up if you feel strongly about it.

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