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tcmak commented Oct 20, 2011

Can I use LDAP for authentication? and how? Thank you very much

You'll still have to use SSH for pushing / pulling, because gitosis expects you to.

That wouldn't matter that much, but having a pluggable authentication would make integration into an existing infrastructure much easier. Also one could then think about providing http-git-transport, beside the SSH transport which would help to use gitlabhq in situations where you have people behind firewalls and are forced to go through http-proxies.

Arcath commented Oct 20, 2011

I was going to look at using my active directory authentication plugin with gitlabhq, I haven't really had the time to sit down and look through the source yet but I was thinking of adding it in as a devise module, or an omniauth provider.


Bregor commented Oct 25, 2011

@tcmak you can see my fork, working with M$ AD: https://github.com/pantsu/gitlabhq/commits/active_directory
Sorry, no AD specs yet.

Arcath commented Oct 25, 2011

@Bregor You might want to change it so that it only uses LDAP if a config file is present, that way it can be part of gitlabhq without forcing LDAP on everyone who uses it.


Bregor commented Oct 25, 2011

@Arcath I've done it in https://github.com/pantsu/gitlabhq/commits/ldap_and_db_auth
But there are still no specs for LDAP :(


vsizov commented Nov 9, 2011

we not going to provide it, sorry.

vsizov closed this Nov 9, 2011

randuev commented Nov 11, 2011

why not? it's the only thing stopping us from deploying it at our work :(

+1 on that, actually -- we use LDAP as well

vsizov reopened this Nov 11, 2011

randuev commented Nov 15, 2011

hurrays on that, spasibo Valera!


vsizov commented Nov 15, 2011



bowmande commented Nov 21, 2011

Its pretty easy to modify to use ldap using the devise-ldap-authenticatable gem. I have done this, i'll try to get this shared.

@CedricGatay CedricGatay added a commit to CedricGatay/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Dec 26, 2011

@CedricGatay CedricGatay Autolinks to issues in commit message (see #155)
It matches #[0-9]+ in commit messages.
For example
 * Fix for #12
 * Code review for #56
 * Test for #15, Review on #54, Fix for #42

 It only links to valid issues (existing and belonging to the current project)
 It does not add any link to the commit in the issue page, it only consists in parsing the commit message when displayed.

 This can be considere as a primary work for the issue #155 on gitlabhq/gitlabhq.

ariejan commented Mar 14, 2012

I believe we support LDAP now. If not, feel free to create a new issue about it.

ariejan closed this Mar 14, 2012

@Rovanion Rovanion pushed a commit to Rovanion/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Nov 15, 2013

@randx randx Merge pull request #42 from yin8086/HTTPS
Add nginx https support nginx/gitlab-https
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