Error when viewing project without available code #56

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I've upgraded my checkout of gitlabhq today to the latest HEAD and after creating a new project the following error pops up in the log. Apparently the bash_lexer isn't available since the changes for v1.1 in commit 6b030fd.

  ActionView::Template::Error (undefined method `highlight' for nil:NilClass):
    7: git config --global  "#{}"
    8: eos
    9: %>
    10:     <%= raw bash_lexer.highlight(setup_str) %>
    11:     <br />
    12:     <br />
    13:     <h2>Next steps:</h2>
  app/views/projects/empty.html.erb:10:in `_app_views_projects_empty_html_erb___4056466798298364121_55574120'
  app/controllers/projects_controller.rb:63:in `show'

As this issue seems to be Pygments.rb related, I've created a ticket over at their repository instead: tmm1/pygments.rb#10

yholkamp closed this Oct 22, 2011

@CedricGatay CedricGatay added a commit to CedricGatay/gitlabhq that referenced this issue Dec 26, 2011

@CedricGatay CedricGatay Autolinks to issues in commit message (see #155)
It matches #[0-9]+ in commit messages.
For example
 * Fix for #12
 * Code review for #56
 * Test for #15, Review on #54, Fix for #42

 It only links to valid issues (existing and belonging to the current project)
 It does not add any link to the commit in the issue page, it only consists in parsing the commit message when displayed.

 This can be considere as a primary work for the issue #155 on gitlabhq/gitlabhq.

This issue is still active on the lastest master... any progress?

I was able to fix this by doing what is suggested here: tmm1/pygments.rb#10 (comment)

(running on Gentoo)

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