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I can no longer pay attention to the fact that the test running in a project takes a lot of time. It is awful, especially if you work everything out on the virtual machine.

I think that I would be supported by a lot of people that the spork implementation will cut the time required to load the environment.

I cannot provide the test performance for all the tests because I do not have enough patience to wait until all the tests pass on my machine.

vagrant:~/projects/my_gitlabhq spring
→ time rspec spec/models/issue_spec.rb
No DRb server is running. Running in local process instead ...

Finished in 16.06 seconds
7 examples, 0 failures
Coverage report generated for Cucumber Features, RSpec, Unknown Test Framework to /home/vagrant/projects/my_gitlabhq/coverage. 2120 / 5123 LOC (41.38%) covered.

real    2m32.973s
user    0m10.385s
sys 0m3.956s

Run spork and:

vagrant:~/projects/my_gitlabhq spork
→ time rspec spec/models/issue_spec.rb

Finished in 12.95 seconds
7 examples, 0 failures

real    0m16.117s
user    0m0.704s
sys 0m0.096s

Coverage decreased (-0.0%) when pulling 5949e30 on Andrew8xx8:spork into f7e630c on gitlabhq:master.

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Its useful for running single tests.
test time = 3 seconds
env load = 15 seconds.
With spork you run it in 3 seconds.

But if you run all tests its like 41 minutes without spork vs 40 minutes with spork.

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I can no longer pay attention to the fact that the test running in a project takes a lot of time. It is awful

lol. How you imagine it to be running faster? More tests > more time to run them.


@randx you alway run all test? Anytime?

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@zzet nope. We have CI for this

@randx randx merged commit 58a1ed6 into gitlabhq:master Mar 26, 2013

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@Andrew8xx8 thank you :)

@Andrew8xx8 Andrew8xx8 deleted the Andrew8xx8:spork branch Mar 26, 2013
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