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GitLab is version control for your server
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#8886 Compare This branch is 28 commits ahead, 15089 commits behind master.
Failed to load latest commit information.
app Comment wont be mailed to team by default.
config fix #2492
db - Fix PostgreSql Migration issue to 4.0 (fixes #2398)
doc Move checks after init script installation in docs
features Update uses of settings
lib Specify RAILS_ENV when suggesting fixes
log v1.0
public Restyled error messages in common way. Added title to head partial
script remove cucumber completely
spec Improve web hook data. Use clonable url in repo info
tmp Add tmp/.gitkeep file to ensure tmp folder exists on clone
vendor Merge branch 'gh-issue-1509' of
.foreman complete hooks for post receive
.gitignore Added vendor/bundle to gitignore. Removed project js slugify
.rspec v1.0
.travis.yml Make tests green for postgres
CHANGELOG Let it be v4.0.0 Update
Gemfile updating rails to 3.2.11 in response to CVE-2013-0156
Gemfile.lock updating rails to 3.2.11 in response to CVE-2013-0156
Guardfile APi for commits. Better api docs
Procfile Procfile production, resque script Update Up to 3.1.0
Rakefile v1.0
VERSION 4.0.1 v1.0 resque via nohup resque via nohup

Welcome to GitLab build status build status Code Climate Dependency Status

GitLab is a free project and repository management application

Application details

  • based on Ruby on Rails
  • distributed under the MIT License
  • works with gitolite


  • Ubuntu/Debian
  • ruby 1.9.3+
  • MySQL
  • git
  • gitolite
  • redis


Checkout wiki pages for installation information, migration, etc.


Google Group



  • @gitlabhq
  • @dzaporozhets



Development Tips Want to help - send a pull request. We'll accept good pull requests.

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