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Latest commit 67012f4 Jul 25, 2016 @YorickPeterse YorickPeterse Instrument Nokogiri parsing methods
This allows us to see how much time is being spent in just parsing
HTML/XML documents.
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environments Remove quiet_assets in favor of built-in sprockets-rails config. Jun 30, 2016
initializers Instrument Nokogiri parsing methods Jul 25, 2016
locales Minor fixes after a final look at the diff. May 11, 2016
application.rb Merge branch 'rename-js-files' into 'master' Jul 20, 2016
aws.yml.example Add a note that changing example configuration files requires changin… Jun 11, 2015
boot.rb Enable the Rubocop DeprecatedClassMethods cop May 8, 2016
database.yml.env Improving the "Environment variables" administration doc Feb 1, 2016
database.yml.mysql set the collation to utf8_general_ci Aug 13, 2014
database.yml.postgresql Remove 'socket' example PostgreSQL parameter Jul 1, 2014
dependency_decisions.yml Loop all disks when displaying system info Jun 29, 2016
environment.rb Rails update to 4.2.4 Nov 25, 2015
gitlab.yml.example Update default path for repository_downloads_path in gitlab.yml.example Jul 21, 2016
license_finder.yml Resolve feedback. Jun 6, 2016
mail_room.yml Don't require Gitlab::Redis in mail_room.yml if it's already defined Jun 10, 2016
newrelic.yml Revert "Remove newrelic gem. Closes #12860" Feb 23, 2016
resque.yml.example Add a note that changing example configuration files requires changin… Jun 11, 2015
routes.rb Create PipelinesSettingsController for showing settings page Jul 20, 2016
secrets.yml.example Groundwork for merging CI into CE Aug 25, 2015
sidekiq.yml.example bug found by Charles Sibbald at Sky . Calls with patricio and Jacob c… Feb 18, 2016
unicorn.rb.example Fix typos and grammar Feb 10, 2016
unicorn.rb.example.development Increase unicorn timeout to 60 seconds Sep 23, 2014