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README.md Exclude comments from specific docs Nov 1, 2017
backup_hrz.png Reduce size of images from 25MB to 13MB using pngquant Nov 22, 2016
backup_restore.md Document that we need rsync for backing up Jan 11, 2018
check.md Introduce better credential and error checking to `rake gitlab:ldap:c… Nov 8, 2016
cleanup.md Update documentation according to the new multiple git mount points f… Jul 21, 2016
features.md Fix broken links to docs Feb 6, 2017
import.md Improve GitLab Import rake task to work with Hashed Storage and Subgr… Nov 7, 2017
list_repos.md Add "rake gitlab:list_repos" task Sep 25, 2015
maintenance.md Add Rake task to create/repair GitLab Shell hooks symlinks Nov 1, 2016
user_management.md Remove gitlab:users:clear_all_authentication_tokens rake task Nov 2, 2017