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Commit message by user or default by gem

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commit 7893417b8d4716423ad84dec72e98cbfa9598658 1 parent 66a11cf
Alexander Simonov simonoff authored wingrunr21 committed
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 lib/gitolite/gitolite_admin.rb
5 lib/gitolite/gitolite_admin.rb
@@ -80,8 +80,9 @@ def save
#TODO: generate a better commit message
#TODO: add the ability to specify the message, remote, and branch
#TODO: detect existance of origin instead of just dying
- def apply
- @gl_admin.commit_index("Commit by gitolite gem")
+ def apply(commit_message = nil)
+ commit_message ||= "Commit by gitolite gem"
+ @gl_admin.commit_index(commit_message)
@gl_admin.git.push({}, "origin", "master")
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