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Releases: gitless-vcs/gitless


28 May 20:55
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v0.8.8 Pre-release
  • upgrade libgit2 to 0.28 so that the gitless homebrew formula can be updated (thanks @chenrui333 for reporting the problem)

The Mac OS binary was packaged with Python 2.7.16, libgit2 0.28.1, and PyInstaller 3.4 on Mac OS 10.14.5.
The Linux binary was packaged with Python 2.7.15, libgit2 maint/v0.28, and PyInstaller 3.4 on Ubuntu 18.04.2


24 May 22:14
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v0.8.7 Pre-release
  • pin pygit2 version to avoid breakages (thanks @techtonik)
  • catch potential decode errors on stdout/stderr and fix typo (thanks @breisfeld)
  • fix pygit2 0.27 breaking change (pygit2.discover_repository() returns None) (thanks @ppentchev)
  • snap packaging (thanks @abitrolly)
  • upgrade py/libgit2 to 0.27

The Mac OS binary was packaged with Python 2.7.16 and PyInstaller 3.4 on Mac OS 10.14.15


09 Feb 05:55
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v0.8.6 Pre-release
  • more info on gl commit and gl publish output
  • use the branch name in the to create a new branch do gl branch -c help message of gl switch (thanks to @katrinleinweber)
  • relicense from GPLv2 to MIT (thanks to all the contributors who replied to my email)
  • improve help message (gl -h) (thanks to @techtonik)
  • remove -o option from gl diff and gl commit. To specify a list of files to commit simply list them (i.e., instead of gl diff -o foo do gl diff foo) (thanks to @techtonik)
  • remove the using-upstream-branch warning on gl publish (thanks to @dogweather)
  • gl checkout now does a recursive checkout of all files under a directory if a directory is given as input
  • internal: fix travis and appveyor (thanks to @techtonik, @embs)
  • add testing instructions to readme (thanks to @embs)


21 Dec 18:46
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v0.8.5 Pre-release
  • windows support
  • only page output if we are running in a tty
  • skip ignored directories when processing files
  • gl without any argument now displays the help message
  • group flags of gl branch and gl tag and throw error on invalid combinations
  • sort the list of tags and branches when listed
  • add windows pager (thanks to @ArneBachmann)
  • other pager-related improvements (thanks to @ppentchev, @raimue )
  • improvements to readme: link pygit2 for Windows users (thanks to @abitrolly ), svg badges (thanks to @sobolevn), add homebrew badge (thanks to @emartynov)


09 Oct 16:53
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v0.8.4 Pre-release
  • show error if there's no commit author set
  • show error if we can't launch editor
  • cover more values for the color.ui setting (thanks to @vmx)
  • fixed potential unicode encoding errors (thanks to @knowsuchagency)
  • changed reqs declaration to use current version of pygit2 (thanks to @scottsideleau)
  • other misc fixes: updated link to google python style guide on readme (thanks to @rdpate), include full copy of GPLv2


15 Jun 20:50
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v0.8.3 Pre-release
  • new gl tag command to list, create, and delete local and remote tags
  • new -p/--partial flag in gl commit to interactively select segments of files to commit
  • fixed a bug that caused Gitless to think it was still in the middle of a merge after an unsuccessful application of uncommitted saved changes


10 Sep 21:35
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v0.8.2 Pre-release
  • fixed bug that caused merge to not apply uncommitted saved changes
  • fix printing of remote branches


09 Sep 02:30
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v0.8.1 Pre-release
  • switch branches with conflicts
  • auto stash on merge if necessary
  • upgrade to pygit2 v0.23
  • some small changes:
    • sh/set-head flag for gl branch
    • v/verbose flag for gl branch to additionally output the head of each branch
    • b/branch flag for gl history to tell which branch to show history from
    • l/limit flag for gl history to limit the number of commits to show
    • c/compact flag for gl history to output history in a compact format
    • honor core.pager
  • bug fixes


21 Jul 16:11
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v0.8 Pre-release
  • nice ui (drops #, uses ✔, ✘, ➜)
  • new gl fuse that replaces gl rebase and can be used to cherry-pick commits
  • better way of listing, creating, deleting remote branches
  • better merge commit reporting in history
  • other fixes


10 Apr 02:06
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v0.7 Pre-release
  • new backend that uses pygit2
  • some ui changes
    • new switch command for switching branches
    • added a mo/move-over flag to move over changes to the destination branch
    • other misc cleanups in flags
  • bug fixes