Cognitive Learning for Vision and Robotics (CLVR) lab @ USC

Learning and Reasoning for Artificial Intelligence, especially focused on perception and action. Led by Professor Joseph J. Lim @ USC

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  1. SSGAN-Tensorflow

    A Tensorflow implementation of Semi-supervised Learning Generative Adversarial Networks (NIPS 2016: Improved Techniques for Training GANs).

    Python 402 146

  2. Relation-Network-Tensorflow

    Tensorflow implementations of Relational Networks and a VQA dataset named Sort-of-CLEVR proposed by DeepMind.

    Python 270 68

  3. Generative-Latent-Optimization-Tensorflow

    Tensorflow implementation of Generative Latent Optimization (GLO) proposed by Facebook AI Research

    Python 69 15

  4. Representation-Learning-by-Learning-to-Count

    A Tensorflow implementation of Representation Learning by Learning to Count

    Python 86 14

  5. BicycleGAN-Tensorflow

    A Tensorflow implementation of BicycleGAN.

    Python 79 24

  6. FeatureControlHRL-Tensorflow

    A Tensorflow implementation of Feature Control as Intrinsic Motivation for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

    Python 22 5

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