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Revision history for Business-OnlinePayment-CyberSource
3.000016 2014-03-05
- finish converting to Module::Runtime
- require Crypt::SSLeay for tests
3.000015 2014-03-04
- add Business::OnlinePayment 3 as a Prereq
3.000014 2014-03-04
- add conditional check to see if auth object exists
3.000013 2014-03-04
- remove use of deprecated run_transaction API
3.000012 2014-03-03
- convert to Module::Runtime
- use Business::CyberSource 9 API
- remove Data::Dump
- update compile-tests should fix stall on windows
- update metainformation
3.000011 2012-11-15
- Change minimum version of B::C to 0.007006
- Update MetaResources
3.000010 2012-10-29
- Removed checking of accept role
- removed debugging output
3.000009 2012-10-15
- Remove unneeded git remote
3.000008 2012-10-15
- Updated logic in Client class to rethrow exceptions thrown by the CyberSource response object
3.000007 2012-10-04
- improve conditional checks for avs, authorization and cvcode
3.000006 2012-10-04
- Add conditionals to only set avs_code and authorization if the appropriate roles are applied to the response object
- Fix some logic errors in client object
- Clean up some logic to remove unnecessary variables
3.000005 2012-09-04
- Specify minimum version of Business::CyberSource as 0.006000
- Set response values for success and failure
- Add auth failure tests
3.000004 2012-08-30
- fix dependencies
3.000003 2012-08-28
- fix licensing
- release to cpan
3.000002 2012-08-24
- Fixed logic error preventing follow-on credits from working properly
- Fixed Logic errors with expiration dates
- Added support for expiration dates with MMYY format
- various other bug fixes
3.000000 2012-08-16
- Refactored code to use Business::CyberSource as the underlying engine
2.01 2011-07-25
- use dist-zilla
- mostly bring up to perl-critic compliance
- allow passing a config hash on object initialization
- fix to work with CyberSource Simple API 5.0
- new maintainership Caleb Cushing
2.00 2007-04-21
- release of 2.00, no changes noted, and I'm way to lazy to look at diff's
0.09 2007-03-01
- Updated by Jason Hall (Jayce^) <>
- Updated to New Cybersource API
- Specifically using the new 'requestToken' field that is necessary
- Internal BOP option of 'security_key' to normalize its usage
0.08 2005-12-31
- date unrecorded, so I made one up : Caleb Cushing
- This update by Ivan Kohler <>
- Add my previous patch against 0.6 to fix an explicitly specified
- Add "failure statuses" with a B:OP pre-3.00_04 workaround
0.07 2005-12-12
- Improved the Documentation
0.06 2005-10-12
- Allow both line items and grand total. If you use both, the grand total will prevail.
0.05 2005-10-02
- Set the defaults for the business logic settings using the cybs.ini
0.04 2005-08-09
- Found a bug that allowed the system to point to production even if the cybs.conf said to use dev
0.03 2005-06-16
- Ivan tested this and it was pretty broken.
- Fixed the regexp for expiration date so that it works (Ivan patch)
- Modified it slightly to allow for dates w/o slashes
- Allowed for custom cybs.ini locations (Ivan Patch)
- Made the default /etc/ as opposed to ./
- Added a ton of error handling after Ivan had cats over the poor error
handling before
(Peter is being generous. I was downright bitchy. -Ivan)
0.02 2005-01-31
- First Release
0.01 2005-01-26
- original version; created by hand.