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DBD::JDBC tasks
Finish implementing DBI interface methods
* DBI->data_sources('JDBC')
I actually don't think this can be implemented in any
sensible fashion. It might make sense to add a
driver-specific method to return available JDBC drivers
(from jdbc.drivers).
* The metadata methods $dbh->table_info, $dbh->tables,
$dbh->type_info_all, and $dbh->type_info.
These seem to map reasonably well to the JDBC
DatabaseMetaData methods getTables() and
getTypeInfo(). They're currently unimplemented due to time
* $sth->cancel
What seems to make sense here is to have a separate
listener thread in the server which can respond to cancel
messages, since client threads will presumably be blocked
at this point. The listener can keep a table of
client threads and call the appropriate statement's cancel
* $sth->bind_param_inout
* A client row cache.
Extend the $h->jdbc_func implementation to support arbitrary
objects. My current idea is to return an object handle type to
Perl and maintain an object pool on the server, but this isn't
fully thought through.
Add support to the server for JDBC 2.0. It might make sense to
allow the user to switch between a JDBC 1.2 and a JDBC 2.0
connection implementation; I don't know their driver, but surely
they do.
Write an Oracle test suite, on the theory that testing this
beyond the "hello world" stage with a more mainstream driver
can't be all bad.
Add some sort of streaming behavior for long fields.
It might be worth moving the test code which starts and stops a
server into the driver module as a utility, in case you want to
use this driver but don't want to run a server constantly. The
JDK 1.1 -classpath option bug is a pain here, since it makes it
difficult to start a Java application without setting the
CLASSPATH environment variable.
Possible server extensions:
add a thread pool to minimize connection time
add the ability to specify username/password
values in the server configuration
per-client tracing
inetd support (add a main to Connection)