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package Filesys::Virtual::Async;
use strict;
use warnings;
use Carp qw( croak );
our $VERSION = '0.02';
sub new {
my $class = shift;
bless( {
cwd => '/',
root => '/',
}, ref $class || $class );
sub open {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define open';
sub close {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define close';
sub read {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define read';
sub write {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define write';
sub sendfile {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define sendfile';
sub readahead {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define readahead';
sub stat {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define stat';
sub lstat {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define lstat';
sub utime {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define utime';
sub chown {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define chown';
sub truncate {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define truncate';
sub chmod {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define chmod';
sub unlink {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define unlink';
sub mknod {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define mknod';
sub link {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define link';
sub symlink {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define symlink';
sub readlink {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define readlink';
sub rename {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define rename';
sub mkdir {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define mkdir';
sub rmdir {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define rmdir';
sub readdir {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define readdir';
sub load {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define load';
sub copy {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define copy';
sub move {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define move';
sub scandir {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define scandir';
sub rmtree {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define rmtree';
sub fsync {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define fsync';
sub fdatasync {
croak 'subclass didn\'t define fdatasync';
sub cwd {
my ( $self, $cwd, $callback ) = @_;
return $callback->( $self->{cwd} = $cwd )
if ( defined $cwd && defined $callback );
return $self->{cwd} = ( $cwd ) ? $cwd : '/';
sub root {
my $self = shift;
if (@_) {
my $root = shift;
$root =~ s/\/$//;
$self->{root} = $root;
return $self->{root};
sub _path_from_root {
my $self = shift;
return $self->{root}.$self->_resolve_path(@_);
# resolve a path from the current path
sub _resolve_path {
my ( $self, $path ) = @_;
# could be a file handle, return it
# XXX wth?
return $path if ( ref $path );
$path ||= '';
my $cwd = $self->{cwd};
my $path_out = '';
if ($path eq '') {
$path_out = $cwd;
} elsif ($path eq '/') {
$path_out = '/';
} else {
my @real = split(/\//, $cwd);
if ($path =~ m/^\//) {
@real = ();
my @paths = split( /\//,$path );
if (@paths && $paths[0] eq '~' && $self->{home_path}) {
@real = split(/\//, $self->{home_path});
shift @paths;
foreach (@paths) {
if ($_ eq '..') {
pop(@real) if ($#real);
} elsif ($_ eq '.') {
} else {
push(@real, $_);
$path_out = join('/', @real);
return (substr($path_out, 0, 1) eq '/') ? $path_out : '/'.$path_out;
=head1 NAME
Filesys::Virtual::Async - Base class for non blocking virtual filesystems
use base 'Filesys::Virtual::Async';
sub new {
my $class = shift;
# then override the various methods
The goal of Filesys::Virtual::Async is to provide an interface like IO::AIO for a
non blocking virtual filesystem
This is a base class, see the L<SEE ALSO> section below
This module is still in flux to an extent. If you'd like to suggest changes, please
drop in the irc channel #poe on and speak with xantus[] or Apocalypse
=head1 WARNING
This is interface isn't solidified yet. It will change. I released this module
early due to demand. You have been warned.
=over 4
=item new( root => $path );
root is optional, and defaults to /. root is prepended to all paths after
=item cwd()
Returns the current working directory (virtual)
=item root() or root( $path )
Gets or sets the root path. This path is prepended to the path returned
from _path_from_root
=item _path_from_root( $path )
Resolves a path, with the root path prepended.
This is a private method, do not document it in your subclass.
=item _resolve_path( $path )
Resolves a path to a normalized direct path based on the cwd, allowing ..
traversal, and the ~ home directory shortcut (if home_path is defined)
For example, if the cwd is /foo/bar/baz, and $path is
/../../../../foo/../foo/./bar/../foo then /foo will be returned
This is a private method, do not document it in your subclass.
All of these work exactly like the L<IO::AIO> methods of the same name. Use IO::AIO
as a reference for these functions, but note that this in no way requires you to use
=over 4
=item open()
=item close()
=item read()
=item write()
=item sendfile()
=item readahead()
=item stat()
=item lstat()
=item utime()
=item chown()
=item truncate()
=item chmod()
=item unlink()
=item mknod()
=item link()
=item symlink()
=item readlink()
=item rename()
=item mkdir()
=item rmdir()
=item readdir()
=item load()
=item copy()
=item move()
=item scandir()
=item rmtree()
=item fsync()
=item fdatasync()
=head1 SEE ALSO
=head1 AUTHOR
David W Davis E<lt>xantus@cpan.orgE<gt>
=head1 RATING
You can rate this this module at
Copyright (c) 2009 by David W Davis, All rights reserved
This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms as Perl itself
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