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use ExtUtils::MakeMaker;
# See lib/ExtUtils/ for details of how to influence
# the contents of the Makefile that is written.
'NAME' => 'Lingua::EN::Sentence',
'VERSION_FROM' => 'lib/Lingua/EN/', # finds $VERSION
'PREREQ_PM' => {}, # e.g., Module::Name => 1.1
'LIBS' => [''], # e.g., '-lm'
'DEFINE' => '', # e.g., '-DHAVE_SOMETHING'
'INC' => '', # e.g., '-I/usr/include/other'
'dist' => {'COMPRESS'=>'gzip', 'SUFFIX' => 'gz'}
print "\n";
print "Please take a moment to review the license.\n\n";
print "Do a 'make' to create the Makefile\n";
print "Do a 'make test' to test the module before installation\n";
print "Do a 'make install' to install the module.\n";
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