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This is the README.  READ IT!

Nagios::Object is a group of modules for parsing a Nagios configuration and
representing it as objects in perl.  Inheriting from templates is supported,
encoraged, and kept intact within the perl representation(s).
This is still a very early release, so not all of the methods you'll need
are implemented yet.  Coming soon to a CPAN mirror near you.  Send me your
ideas and it may happen sooner.


  If you don't have Module::Build installed, you'll have to install it before
you can use this module's installer.  That is the only dependency in this
module.  No, I won't add Make::MakeMaker support.  The easiest way to install
Module::Build is to do "perl -MCPAN -e 'install Module::Build'".
  perl Build.PL
  ./Build test
  ./Build install
Bug Reports:

  Please report all bugs via the CPAN bugs RT system:
  In any bug report, include a short description of your problem and a copy 
of the output from "Build test."  The more diagnostic information you send, 
the better.

  Providing a test script/offending code will probably get your issue fixed
fastest and as a bonus, help prevent me from breaking it again in the future.


Module maintenance was taken over by <> in January 2009.  The
source has been placed into a git repository at:

See also: