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Perltidy TODO List
This is a partial "wish-list" of features to add and things to do.
Improved Vertical Alignment
There are still many opportunities for improving vertical alignment.
A FAQ is needed to explain some of the more subtle formatting issues,
and to give examples of different styles.
The -formatter callback object documentation is incomplete.
HTML writer
The HTML writer does not colorize interpolated identifiers in here
documents or quoted strings. The tokenizer outputs interpolation
information for here docs; it still needs to be updated to do this for
multi-line quotes. Then code needs to be written to scan for and markup
Things which have been suggested but will not be done
Recursive file processing
A -r flag might be nice, but this is best handled by an exterior shell
Make perltidy support the syntax of some module XXX.
This generally won't be done unless the module is part of the core perl
distribution. But in some cases it might be possible to use the prefilter
and postfilter capabilities of the module to help.
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