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Welcome to Perltidy!
    Perltidy is a tool to indent and reformat perl scripts. It can also
    write scripts in html format.

    Perltidy is free software released under the GNU General Public License
    -- please see the included file "COPYING" for details.

    An effort has been made to keep "perltidy" compatable with versions of
    Perl as old as 5.004, and this release was tested on Perl version
    5.004_04 under linux. (You can find your version with "perl -v").
    However, some systems this old may have problems, particularly Windows

    The following modules are not required, but perltidy may use them if

      HTML::Entities  will be used to encode HTML entities if detected
      Pod::Html will be used to format pod text

    The total disk space needed after removing the installation directory
    will about 2 Mb.

    There are two source distribution files:

    *   A .tgz "tarball", with Unix-style <lf> line endings, and

    *   A zip file, .zip, with Windows-style <cr><lf> line endings.

    In addition, the web site has links to debian and RPM packages.

    For most standard installations, the standard Makefile.PL method should

     perl Makefile.PL
     make test
     make install

    The INSTALL file has additional installation notes, and tells how to use
    perltidy without doing an installation.

    Please see the CHANGES file for notices of any recent updates.

    Please see the BUGS file for a list of all known open bugs.

    Documentation can be found in the docs directory, and it can also be
    found at

    Reading the brief tutorial should help you use perltidy effectively.

    Perltidy is still being developed, so please check sourceforge
    occasionally for updates. New releases are announced on

    Bug reports, comments and suggestions are welcome. Attach the smallest
    piece of code which demonstrates the bug or issue. Your efforts are
    greatly appreciated!

    Thank You

     Steve Hancock
     perltidy at
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