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== 0.7.17 (2006/12/04) ==
=== Core ===
* Summary::Simple: Fix HTML extraction so it respect attributes (nikc)
* Force stringify ID in safe_id
* Namespace::MediaRSS: Try mrss namespace with and without the trailing slash
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::HTMLTidy: use HTML::Tidy to scrub HTML document
=== Plugins Updates ===
* CustomFeed::Debug: reuse feed object to work with SmartFeed
* Publish::Planet: update template to use Plagger::Text
* Filter::EntryFullText: grab TITLE from HTML if there's no title set
* CustomFeed::Simple: make URLs extracted with XPath absolute
* Subscription::HatenaGroup: use Plagger::FeedParser rather than XML::Feed
* CustomFeed::YouTube: update regexp (mizzy)
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: don't use strip_html
* Publish::Excel: don't use strip_html
* CustomFeed::Simple: don't set title if it's already set in Subscription (typester)
* Publish::Feed: added taguri_base config
* Bundle::Planet: pass URI domain to taguri_base
* Filter::DegradeYouTube: update regexp
* CustomFeed::Mailman: updated regexp to work with wrapped subject
* Publish::Gmail: added timeout config for mailroute when used with SMTP-TLS
== 0.7.16 (2006/11/26) ==
=== Core ===
* Plagger::Date->parse_dwim now supports Japanese date format
* $plugin->load_assets ignore .svn directory by default
* update DateTime and DateTime::Locale dependencies
=== New Plugins ===
* Summary::Japanese: Summary generator using Lingua::JA::Summarize::Japanese::Extract (miyagawa, ko)
* Summary::AppleScript: Summary generator using MacOSX summary service (otsune)
* Filter::DegradeYoutube: degrade YouTube embed video HTML (tokuhirom)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::EntryFullText: Update patterns for, pmachine
* Filter::TruePermalink: added ?fr=rdf (otsune)
* CustomFeed::POP3: Made it more liberal to parse Date: header
* Filter::Babelfish: Fixed bug around Plagger::Text
* Filter::HatenaDiaryKeywordUnlink: Support annonymous diary (kentaro)
* CustomFeed::Mixi: reworked regular expression to work with site updates. Now image links are added to enlcousres
* CustomFeed::Debug: Allow "entries" key. Auto set type on enclosures if not set.
* Filter::EntryFullText: support Japanese date format per Plagger::Date updates
* Subscription::Bloglines: 'dont_use_notifier_api' to work around Notifer API bug
* Fitler::2chRSSContent: work around with URL changes
* Notify::IRC: Update defaulte templates colors (typester)
* CustomFeed::Mixi: bumped WWW::Mixi deps
* CustomFeed::MixiDiarySearch: HTML updates
* Filter::EntryFullText: XPath support now works with non-Node element (nikc)
* Publish::Feed: fixed bugs that it emits empty category tags and nobody author elemen
== 0.7.15 (2006/11/01) ==
=== Core ===
* bump up Encode::Detect dependency so it's easier to install
=== New Plugins ===
* Summary::GetSen: Use GetSen web service to get summary
=== Plugins Updates ===
* CustomFeed::YouTube: Update queries unencoded in YAML (mizzy)
* Summary::Simple: Get the first sentence if it's plain text
* Filter::StripRSSAd: support pheedo variant ads,
* Publish::Gmail: now allows non-UTF8 encoding by setting 'encoding'
* CustomFeed::Mixi: Updated regular expression to keep up with the site updates
* Publish::Maildir: fixed enclosure bugs
* Filter::Markdown: fixed configuration pass bug
* Filter::GuessTimeZoneByDomain: bump up DateTime::TimeZone requirement
* Publish::Gmail: don't die if enclosure URL is not found and thus not saved in the local
* CustomFeed::Script: added SSL expire example code
* Subscriptoin::Planet: Update Google Blog search to use Japanese version
* Filter::EntryFullText: show debug message if YAML mandatory key is not found
* Publish::Feed: fixed a critical bug that the content is always b64 encoded
== 0.7.14 (2006/10/17) ==
=== Core ===
* include YAML::Loader in inc
* Introduced new spell typo checker Test::Spelling
* Merged hackathon-summary for a pluggable summary generation
* Added Plagger::Text object for title, author, entry, summary and body
* Better html2text function using HTML::TreeBuilder and (optional) HTML::FormatText
* Plagger::Date parse* method now doesn't set Timezones by default
* Move namespecific parsing logic into Namespace::* plugins
=== New Plugins ===
* Summary::Auto: Auto-extract summaries
* Summary::Simple: Default summary extractor using regular expression
* Summary::English: Wrapper for Lingua::EN::Summarize
* Summary::HatenaBookmark: Extract summary using Hatena Bookmark
* Summary::TextOriginal: Wrapper for Text::Original
* Summary::TrackbackRDF: Extract summary from Trackback RDF data
* Filter::GuessTimeZoneByDomain: guess timezones of entry using URL domains
* Filter::ForceTimeZone: force timezone regardless of they're UTC/Olson/Floating
* Namespace::HatenaFotolife: Hatena fotolife module handler
* Namespace::ApplePhotocast: Apple Photocast module handler
* Namespace::MediaRSS: Media RSS module handler
* Bundle::Defaults: Default plugins loader
* Filter::Kansai: Converts Japanese text body to Kansai Dialect
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Notify::UpdatePing: support weblogUpdates.extendedPing #419
* Notify::OpenBrowser: support FreeBSD
* Filter::EntryFullText: fixed bad regular expressons in stage6
* CustomFeed::Script: load YAML output as Unicode
* Publish::iCal: better Timezone handling. requires DateTime::Format::ICal
* Filter::FloatingDateTime: use config 'timezone' if set
* CustomFeed::Mixi: support my diary and calendar (otsune)
* Filter::HatenaBookmarkUsersCount: Iterate links so that it support 50+ URLs
== 0.7.13 (2006/10/09) ==
=== Core ===
* Example of Kwalify schema file in examples/schema.yaml
* Dumpes template path in Plagger::Template for debug-aid
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::LivedoorClipUsersCount: get livedoor Clip users count via API (otsune)
* CustomFeed::Script: Call script via shell to get the feed as RSS/Atom or YAML (miyagawa)
* Publish::iCal: Simple Feed to iCal generator (miyagawa, kentaro)
* Notify::OpenBrowser: Open updated entries in a browser, cross-platform. (kazeburo, miyagawa, youpy)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::CHTML: workaround for symlinks in Win32 (charsbar)
* Publish::2chdat: Fixed typo and added escape for <> in the content
* CustomFeed::AmazonAssociateReportJP: Fixed follow_link (otsune)
* Notify::UpdatePing: Wrap ping sending code to trap errors (otsune)
* Publish::MT: fixed POD
* Publish::Palmdoc: Fixed UTF-8 error on feed title (cheebow)
* Subscription::PingServer: Fixed unused dependency
* Filter::FindEnclosures: Added stage6 and dailymotion assets (taro)
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Updated regular expression to deal with site updates (nipotan)
* Publish::PDF: Added '' template which was missing
* Publish::PDF: now accepts 'filename' as a parameter
== 0.7.12 (2006/09/15) ==
=== Core ===
* [Backward Incompatible] Updated $feed->id implementation to return unique ID
* Requires XML::RSS::LibXML 0.23
* allow '-' as a config name to read from STDIN
=== New Plugins ===
* Search::Grep: Search engine using flat file and grep (ko)
* Filter::UnicodeNormalize: Normalize entry body using Unicode::Normalize (otsune)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Misc plugins updates to use Plagger::Util filename_for
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: modified_on can be null
* BloglinesContentNormalize: hack space before empty elements
* Rule::URLBL: fixed bug with non-HTTP URLs
* Filter::StripRSSAd: Update for Bloglines
* CustomFeed::Simple: Support XPath based link extraction
* Publish::CHTML: use id_safe for safe feed ID generation
* Filter::EntryFullText: support XPath with custom_feed_follow_xpath
* Filter::TruePermalink: Don't die if it detects infinite reditrection loop
== 0.7.11 (2006/08/30) ==
=== Core ===
* Makefile.PL now prioritizes "default" plugins first, then otherwise alphabetically sorted
* testcritic test is now not in distribution since it's unnecessary and annoys people
* Updated POD document of some core modules (Mark Fowler)
* $ua->mirror(URI, $path) now works
* t::TestPlagger: allow strings rather than regexp in file_contains
* tools/plugin-start: optionally call svn/svk if it's detected
=== New Plugins ===
* Notify::Command: generic command caller plugin for notification (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::Feed: fixed RSS 2.0 webMaster validity problem
* Search::Rast: moved some code to plugin.init. updated document
* Subscription::XPath: Accept non-absolute link as well
* Filter::StripRSSAd: some spacing fix for bloglines nasty content updates
* Filter::BloglinesContentNormalize: strip &#13; added by Bloglines
== 0.7.10 (2006/08/29) ==
=== Core ===
* Added Test::Perl::Critic test
* Fixed 2 args open to 3 args to follow PBP
* Added video/mp4 MIME type to mime_type_of
* Fixed bug in mime_type_of in extracting mp3 from ""
* Refactored enclosure detection code to Util. Added ogg to known list by hardcoding
* bumped up XML::Atom and XML::Liberal requirement
* tools/chimp-smoker: fixed bug in get_branch
* Encode::Detect is no more recommended module by default
* Fixed ConfigLoader bug that it doesn't do rewrite_config correctly (by charsbar)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::TruePermalink: refactored assets loading code. Store redirection result even if it's empty
* Fitler::TruePermalink: Don't handle HTTP response body when it checks redirection, to skip huge files like mp3
* Filter::EntryFullText: refactored assets loading code.
* Fitler::StripRSSAd: refactored assets loading code. Renamed pattern files to .pat
* Filter::StripRSSAd: Added and handler
* Publish::Feed: use permalink to set to entry link
== 0.7.9 (2006/08/24) ==
=== Core ===
* Fixed BaseDirURI logic to allow empty dirname on Mac OSX (Yappo)
* Added tests to lots of plugins thanks to Testathoners
* Added Plagger::Walker util class to serialize feed data
* Merged from hackathon-mt branch. Added Plagger->set_context method
* Split bootstrap into new() and run() to be used in persisten programs
* Added $context->search() stub to get Plagger::Feed object from Search::* backends
* Added bin/plagger-search prototype CLI
* Added bin/plagger-atom-stream-consumer, very experimental AtomStream consumer
* Updated Plagger::Template->new() parameter
* assets_path: can now be localized per plugins using config:assets_path
* lots of fixes to tests so it can work on Windows
* decode config.yaml as UTF-8 automatically before run, unless you specify global:no_decode_utf8=1
* chimps-client: create lock dir to avoid double excecution
* Split feed parsing logic from Aggregator::Simple to Plagger::FeedParser so plugins can use.
* Added $ua->fetch_parse($feed) and $ua->find_parse($url)
* Fixed misusage of Term::Encoding (Yappo)
* Support entry level image in RSS 0.91 and 2.0
=== New Plugins ===
* Publish::JSON: Serialize feed to JSON (miyagawa)
* Publish::Serializer: Dump feed to various format using Data::Serializer (naoya, miyagawa)
* Notify::Audio: Play sound files when feed comes. Support playing enclosure files as well (miyagawa, youpy)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::Gmail: support APOP authentication in POP before SMTP
* Filter::Delicious: use Plagger::UA for caching.
* CustomFeed::Yahoo360JP: removed from the distro since no one is using it and it's broken
* Widget::Simple: Added lots of widgets (hsbt, jiro, drawnboy)
* Filter::EntryFullText: Fixed XHTML numeric entities issue when using XPath (spotted by otsune)
* Filter::2chRSSContent: Strip AD entry
* CustomFeed::YouTube: fix regexp to get page content (mizzy)
* Subscription::OPML: Fixed bug where containers are not correctly loaded because of array reference
* Subscriptoin::OPML: Ditch XML::OPML and rewrite OPML parser using XML::LibXML::SAX
* Filter::EntryFullText: extract_capture defaults to 'body' (suggested by otsune)
* Search::Rast: implemented API (Yappo)
* Filter::TruePermalink: Fixed ref=rss YAML. Removed redirectors.yaml and instead introduced 'follow_redirect' config (default: 1)
* Notify::IRC: use color code scheme to colorize feed title and author (#movabletype)
== 0.7.8 (2006/08/18) ==
=== Core ===
* More fixes to Chimps client to deal with dependencies
* Win32 fix to $t::TestPlagger::BaseDirURI
* Deal with Unicode filenames on Win32
* DWIM config filter for t::TestPlagger
* Cookies parser warns if cookie file is not found (reported by otsune)
* Fix to t/core/cache.t for more time interval (charsbar)
* More tests to more plugins!
* Set cache base to File::Temp::tempdir in tests
* Bump up XML::Feed requirement to 0.12
* refactored include/recipes handler to Plagger::ConfigLoader so bin/* scripts can use
* Fixed Aggregator::Simple bug to deal with single MediaRSS element in Flickr feeds
* Added tools/ to start a new plugin module
* test_requires_network() now can take an argument host to test (youpy)
* Update include_deps in Makefile.PL to include YAML dependencies
=== New Plugins ===
* UserAgent::RequestHeader: Add arbitary HTTP request header based on URL (miyagawa)
* Filter::ExtractAuthorName: Extract author name from RFC 2822 address in RSS 2.0 (miyagawa)
* Widget::Simple: config based simple Widget creator (miyagawa)
=== Plugin Updates ===
* Publish::CHTML: Insert generated time in HTML (otsune)
* Filter::BreakEntriesToFeeds: Support rules (suggested by otsune)
* Search::Estraier: use "estmaster stop". Work with estmaster 1.3.x config files (reported by youpy)
* Filter::Delicious: scrape big users count (taro)
* Filter::Thumbnail: Add 'set_per_entry' config
== 0.7.7 (2006/08/10) ==
=== Core ===
* Misc test fixes to work on Win32 (reported by charsbar)
* use File::HomeDir on Win32 if available rather than $ENV{HOME}
* Plagger::Date->set_time_zone now doesn't die even if it can't figure out TZ
* require HTML::Parser 3.51 to handle nasty HTML entities in tag attributes (reported by mizzy)
* Fix core/cache.t to sleep a little bit (suggested by charsbar)
* require XML::Feed 0.11 to handle Atom links without @rel (jwang)
* Fix to Publish::Feed to emit valid Atom 1.0
* Fix parsing RSS 2.0 category tags with @domain (reported by typester)
* Add Plagger::UserAgent hooks
* Support Atom 1.0 category extraction (reported by jwang)
* SUpport Atom 1.0 entry date handling without published (reported by jwang)
=== New Plugins ===
* UserAgent::AuthenRequest: Add per-site credentials to Plagger::UserAgent (typester)
* Filter::GuessLanguage: guess language using Text::Language::Guess and other technique (charsbar)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Notify::IRC: move to publish.entry so Rule plugin can work per entry (reported by clkao)
* EntryFullText: Coule updates to sites (otsune)
* Filter::Babelfish: use Filter::GuessLanguage (charsbar)
* CustomFeed::YouTube: HTML layout update (yoshiki)
* Publish::MT: hack SOAP::Transport::HTTP to use Plagger::UserAgent instead of LWP
== 0.7.6 (2006/08/07) ==
=== Core ===
* $context->run_hook can now take callbacks to pass result value
* Use title specified in Subscription (Suggested by John Wang) #344
* Aggregator::Simple: looks_like_feed handles RSS 1.0 feed more generously
* CustomFeed::Simple: fixed UUV warnings
* Now plugin dependencies are defined in separate files in deps/
* Plagger::Date now supports $date->format( DateTime::Format object )
* SmartFeed::All: dedupe_entries now respects feed source domain, older date entry and full content feed. #333
* Publish::Feed: Make sure that generated Atom 1.0 and RSS feeds are valid using feedvalidator
=== New Plugins ===
* Search::KinoSearch: Use KinoSearch as a search backend (miyagawa)
* Filter::Babelfish: Use WWW::Babelfish to translate entry content (charsbar)
* Notify::NetSend: Use NetSend to notify entries (jiro)
* Publish::Excel: Store feed entries body to .xls spreadsheet (jiro)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* EntryFullText: Fix YouTube handler.
* Search::Estraier: Added unit test. Support API
* StripRSSAd: Add ad entry stripper
* Publish::SWF: Added j/k keyboard shortcut (akihito)
== 0.7.5 (2006/07/26) ==
=== Core ===
* Merge from branches/refactoring-planet
* Plagger::UserAgent now deals with local files to get their MIME type correct
* Big refactoring done for $plugin->templatize() usage. #229
* Start using Test::Base for unit tests and convert most of existent tests to TB based
* Plagger->bootstrap() now returns $context
* Added $plugin->load_assets method in a base class
* decode $content before feed auto-discovery to avoid HTML::Parser warnings
* Bump up XML::Feed requirement to 0.09 so it can generate RSS 2.0 with content:encoded. #104
* remove inc from svn
* $feed->primary_author to return feed author by invsesting entries authors
=== New Plugins ===
* Bundle::Planet: to load bunch of plugins under the table to create Planet site with a few lines of config
* Filter::StripTagsFromTitle: Strip tags found in title. #289
* Filter::HTMLScrubber: standalone HTML filter to scrub HTML, merged from feature-server (typester)
* Publish::FOAFRoll: generate foafroll RDF ala Planet
=== Plugin Updates ===
* Publish::Planet: accept style_url as a list. #316
* Publish::Planet: Fixed typo in sixapart-std template. #309
* Publish::Planet: members_list is now deprecated and on by default
* Publish::Planet: Bye to HTML::Tidy and HTML::Scrubber
* Publish::Planet: 'skin' config is now renamed to 'theme'
* Publish::Planet: skip non-http URLs
* Subscription::Planet: add URL based search. #286
* Subscription::Planet: language based goruping. #288
* Bundle::Planet: Add OPML generation support
* Bundle::Planet: Add FOAFRoll generation support
* Aggregator::Null: fixed the fatal bug so it works
* Rule::Fresh: now you can use human readable duraion format like '7 days'. Requires Time::Duration::Parse
* Publish::Feed: 'full_content' config (defaults to 1) specified whether to publish fullcontent in the feeds
* Publish::Feed: now generate Atom 1.0 by default if you use XML::Atom >= 0.20
* Publish::OPML: Now OPML validator compatible
== 0.7.4 (2006/07/24) ==
=== Core ===
* Support parsing multiple enclosures in RSS 2.0
* require URI::Fetch 0.071 which is not broken
* Aggregator::Simple: More Liberal RSS 2.0 detection code
* Rule::Deduped: Use entry's datetime as a part of key if it's there
* Purge cache on the global destruction phase of every run. #306
* Fix Mac dependencies
* RSS 2.0 feed will have the 1st enclosure with the URL defined. #325
* CustomFeed::Simple now resolves relative link before parsing. #325
* SmartFeed now allows setting 'link' (otsune, Dave Cross)
* Don't override XML::LibXML with Liberal other than feed parsing. #324, #328
* plugin_path now can be a scalar
* Use Term::Encoding to detect terminal encoding automatically if available. #329
* Updated dependency for callbacks.
* Filter::EntryFullText now allows to write XPath expression to extract entry body (youpy)
* Replace 'FOREACH foo IN bar' with 'FOREACH foo = bar' for TT backward compatibility (cmarcelo)
=== New Plugins ===
* CustomFeed::PerlMonks: Newest nodes on perlmonks (Jeff Bisbee)
* Publish::LivedoorClip: Post entries to Livedoor Clip (Yappo)
* Notify::Balloon: Notify updates using BalloonNotify on Win32 (miyagawa)
* Publish::PowerPoint: Publish slides off of feeds (charsbar)
* Publish::SWF: Publish Flash .swf file off of feed entries (akihito)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Notify::IRC: better document, ick_taken error handling (Thanks to Jeff Bisbee), update template
* Notify::IRC: refactored internal code and check IKC on init (Jeff Bisbee)
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: Better JSON error handling
* CustomFeed::Debug: Now being able to set datetime
* Widget::Delicious: Update the post URI to v4. No username needed anymore.
* Widget::HatenaBookmarkUsersCount: Use image based API if XMLRPC is not enabled (default)
* Publish::Gmail: use permalink rather then
* CustomFeed::AmazonAssociateReportJP: Added ordersReport (otsune)
* CustomFeed::YouTube: update regular expressions (mizzy)
* Filter::BreakEntriesToFeeds: Added 'use_entry_title' config
== 0.7.3 (2006/06/22) ==
=== Core ===
* Added Net::SMTP::TLS as a dependency
* rewrite_config doesn't die if there's permission error
* rewrite_config escapes regexp meta characters (Reported by s_fujiwara)
* Don't include t/core in the distro now
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::FetchEnclosure::Curl: download enlcosures using Curl
* CustomFeed::MixiDiarySearch: CustomFeed handler for diary search
* Rule::Deduped: dedupe entries based on URL
* CustomFeed::2chSearch: CustomFeed to handle SERP
* Notify::Beep: Beep your PC for feed notification using Audio::Beep
* Subscription::Bookmarks: Extract subscription from Bookmarks of IE, Firefox and Safari (miyagawa, youpy)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::Gmail: wrap MIME::Lite errors in eval
* Filter::FindEnclosures: Added, Mainichi Interactive and enclosure finder
* CustomFeed::Flickr: refactored from scratch and added enclosure support
* Filter::FetchEnclosure::ParallelUA: support Cookie sharing
* Filter::EntryFullText: misc upgrader files (topia, otsune, youpy, drawnboy)
* Notify::SSTP: added missing template (secondlife)
* Filter::2chRSSContent: Support id-less boards
* Publish::Gmail: don't send email when there's no entry #297
* Filter::EntryFullText: Added config parameter "force_upgrade"
* Rule::URLBL: support DNS caching
* Filter::TruePermalink: Don't rewrite permalink but link
* Publish::JavaScript: code tweaks and document updates
* Filter::EntryFullText: use Last-Modified to populate entry date even if there's no match
* Publish::CHTML: don't die if entry body contains non-sjis mappable entities. Change default to cp932
* Subscription::Planet: Added
* CustomFeed::Mixi: don't try to get unknown owner_id in RecentComment
== 0.7.2 (2006/06/02) ==
=== Core ===
* Make Cookies instances Singleton (suggested by Yappo)
* Calls env_proxy on Plagger::UserAgent so that HTTP_PROXY env variable is respected (woremacx)
* Add w3m cookie files support
* Aggregator::Simple globally overrides LibXML parser with Liberal if possible
* Recommend newest XML::Liberal 0.11 so that liberal XML parsing would take the best effect
* $ua->mirror can take $req so that plugins can add custom HTTP headers like Referer. #208
* Change flv MIME value to video/x-flv
* Media RSS support in RSS parsers to extract enclosures and thumbnails. #141
* XML::Feed, XML::Atom, XML::LibXML and XML::RSS::LibXML are now core required modules. #176
* Support Hatena Fotolife and Apple photocast namespaces for thumbnail extraction.
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::LivedoorKeywordUnlink: strip and normalize links to livedoor keywords (miyagawa)
* Subscription::File: subscribe to URLs in plain text file (wolverian)
* Subscription::FOAF: subscribe to friends' weblogs in FOAF:knows (wolverian)
* Subscription::Feed: subscribe to item links in RSS/Atom Feeds (miyagawa)
* Filter::FetchEnclosure::Xango: Xango-based asynchronous POE downloader (dmaki)
* Filter::FetchEnclosure::Wget: use wget command line tool for async download (miyagawa)
* Filter::FetchEnclosure::ParallelUA: use LWP::Parallel for async download (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::2chRSSContent: Updated regexp so that it works without milliseconds (miagawa)
* Filter::FeedBurnerPermalink: Work with Atom 1.0 feed to extract permalink
* Subscription::Bloglines: Try with mark_read=0, then fallback to loop mode if it failed, to avoid data loss
* CustomFeed::YouTube: updated regexp for thumbnail servers (fujiwara)
* Filter::EntryFullText: move the place of hook before date parser to hack date format
* Filter::BreakEntriesToFeeds: Don't change feed title. #220
* Filter::FetchEnclosure: Added fake_referer config to add Referer header.
* Publish::Gmail: attaches inline img enclosures as multipart/related and replace img src with Content-IDs.
* Publish::Gmail: attach_enclosures is now optional, defaults to off.
* Fliter::RSSLiberalDateTime: Fixed bug around minus timezones
* Filter::EntryFullText: Support icon extraction
* Filter::EntryFullText: Added NoNetwork option to URI::Fetch so that it's much faster
* Filter::EntryFullText: and (otsune)
* Subscription::Planet: Added new Bloglines feed search
* Filter::*Permalink: removed in favor of TruePermalink
== 0.7.1 (2006/05/24) ==
=== Core ===
* Added woremacx, topia and cheebow as AUTHORS
* Plagger::Cookies and Plagger::Mechanize allows Plagger to share cookies with your browser like Firefox, IE or Safari.
=== New Plugins ===
* Notify::UpdatePing: notify updates via XMLRPC pings (miyagawa)
* Notify::Tiarra: notify updates via Tiarra control socket (topia)
* Publish::PalmDoc: publish updates to PalmDoc (cheebow)
* Publish::OutlineText: publish updates as outline text (cheebow)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::Regexp: now you can use utf-8 regular expressions (woremacx)
* Widget::Delicious: Support one_click_post to automatically post by clicking (s_nobu)
* Filter::FindEnclosures: Now it's extensible using meta-plugins. Added as an example. Thanks to mizzy
* CustomFeed::Simple: deduplicate links by URLs. Don't add links associated with images without alt (miyagawa)
* Filter::TruePermalink: Added YouTube, MSN Mainichi
* Publish::MT: Fixed blog_id config bug. #252
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: Adds ApiKey as a sticky query to their API (suggested by mala)
* Publish::Gmail: Don't trim lines over 1000 by using quoted-printable.
* CustomFeed::GoogleNews: now accepts keyword search result page as well
* Filter::HatenaRSS: Update OPML URL. Uses Cookie sharing framework.
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Uses Cookie sharing.
* CustomFeed::Mixi: Uses Cookie sharing.
* CustomFeed::Yahoo360JP: Uses Cookie sharing.
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: Uses Cookie sharing.
* Notify::Campfire: Uses Cookie sharing.
== 0.7.0 (2006/05/17) ==
=== Core ===
* Shiny new Enclosure support!
* Dependency for MIME::Types
* Fix $cache->path_to auto creation bug
* Allow plugins/Foo/ directory strcuture to be backward compatible
* Added regression and plugins tests suite for the first time
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::FetchEnclosure: Download enclosures automatically to local
* CustomFeed::YouTube: Search YouTube and find enclosures (mizzy)
* Filter::RewriteEnclosureURL: Rewrite enclosure's URL when you republish downloaded enclosures
* Filter::POPFile: Use POPFile XMLRPC API to classify feeds (charsbar)
* Filter::TagsToTitle: Add tags to title as prefixes (charsbar)
* Filter::FindEnclosures: Automatically discover enclosures in entry content
* Filter::HEADEnclosureMetadata: Send HEAD requests to enclosures to get Length and correct filename
* Subscription::XPath: extract subscriptions from XHTML using XPath (youpy)
* Subscription::PlanetINI: extract subscriptions from Planet's config.ini file
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::2chdat: Internal fix to use id_safe method
* Subscription::Bloglines: support enclosures taken from sync API
* Publish::Gmail: Attach enclosures if they're downloaded locally with FetchEnclosure
* Filter::TruePermalink: Now supports rewriting enclosure URL as well.
* Filter::TruePermalink: Support recursive mode and redirector resolution
* Publish::Feed: Support enclosure creation in RSS 2.0 and Atom feeds
* Filter::SpamAssassin: Nuked some options (charsbar)
* Filter::HatenaKeyword: Use title to extract keywords as well
* Filter::StripRSSAd: Added pattern. Now can strip entry if it contains certain pattern.
== 0.6.6 (2006/05/12) ==
=== Core ===
* Added sites upgrade files (woremacx)
* Don't truncate newline after password rewrite #200
* Share $feed object between subscription and update
* encode detection now uses XML encoding declaration first
* Unhandled feed is removed from $context->subscription
* Plagger::Date->parse doesn't force preference timezone if parsed datetime is floating
* Load plugins from plugins/*/lib #212
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::HatenaKeywordTag: Use Hatena Keyword API to auto-tag (secondlife)
* Search::Estraier: Search plugin to use Hyper Estraier Node API (miyagawa)
* Subscription::XOXO: load subscription from XOXO microformats (miyagawa)
* Publish::2chdat: Create 2ch subject.txt and *.dat files (miyagawa)
* Filter::2chRSSContent: Fix feed content (miyagawa)
* Filter::Markdown: Filter entry body using Markdown syntax (s_nobu)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Notify::IRC: added password config to plagger-ircbot #197
* Filter::TruePermalink: Updated Y! Blogsearch pattern. Added
* rename Publish::Spotlight to Search::Spotlight #207
* CustomFeed::Mixi: support "ashiato". Update WWW::Mixi deps
* Rule::URLBL: now works with $args->{entry} to be used with Filter::Rule
* Publish::Planet: get members from subscription rather than update #198
* CustomFeed::BloglinesCitation: Handle local datetime PST #187
* Filter::EntryFullText: now work with rule
== 0.6.5 (2006/04/28) ==
=== Core ===
* Aggregator::Simple: Allow bad content-type feeds like text/plain (miyagawa)
* Aggregator::Simple: Hack nasty Unicode unflagness in Atom feed with XML::Feed (miyagawa, reported by otsune)
=== New Plugins ===
* Subscription::LivedoorReader: Fetch subscription via LDR (miyagawa)
* Filter::CompositeFeed: pack all the feeds into entries of single feed (miyagawa)
* Filter::AtomLinkRelated: Use link rel="related" as a link in Atom feeds (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::TruePermalink: minor updates in refrss (otsune) updated Yahoo! blog redirector (miyagawa)
* Filter::ResolveRelativeLink: don't die even if there's no link found
* Subscription::OPML: broken OPML feed support with XML::Liberal (miyagawa)
* Filter::EntryFullText: Lots of feed upgrade files (manabou, woremacx, kazeburo)
* Filter::StripRSSAd: support branded feed domain in FeedBurner (miyagawa)
* Widget::HatenaBookmarkUsersCount: Autoload Filter::HBUC (reported by otsune)
* CustomFeed::Frepa: defaults to all feed types
* Publish::Delicious: Fixed interval bug
== 0.6.4 (2006/04/19) ==
=== Core ===
* Fixed MANIFEST to include assets
* Reorganized assets directory naming. Keep cases of plugin names. #106
* More feed upgrader files (manabou, youpy)
* Update XML::RSS::LibXML to avoid non-UTF8 feed breakage (Thanks to dmaki, Reported by manabou)
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::BloglinesContentNormalize: normalize HTML attributes in Bloglines body (miyagawa)
* Filter::TruePermalink: Permalink rewriting framework (youpy, miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::StripRSSAd: now load pattern files from assets directory #179 (miyagawa)
* Filter::StripRSSAd: Add valueclick feed ads. Updated Google AdSense pattern
* CustomFeed::Mixi: Make cache TTL of fetch_body longer to avoid Footprint issue (miyagawa)
* Subscription::2chThread: Accept multiple thread URLs (youpy)
* Deprecate NamaanPermalink, 2chRSSPermalink and YahooBlogSearchPermalink in favor of TruePermalink (miyagawa)
* Subscription::Planet: nuked MSN Search, added Technorati Tag search
== 0.6.3 (2006/04/15) ==
=== Core ===
* EntryFullText: Fixed bug that date format is not properly decoded as UTF-8
* requires URI::Fetch 0.06. #168
* Added various sites upgrader files (miyagawa, s_nobu, ko, mamorou, nTeTs, youpy)
* Added sample in examples directory
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::BreakEntriesToFeeds: Break entries in each entry as a feed containing single entry (miyagawa)
* Filter::2chRSSPermalink: Fix feeds permalink (youpy)
* Subscription::2chThreadList: Add 2ch threads to Subscription using feeds (youpy)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Subscription::Planet: Allow multiple keywords set in config files. Allow non utf-8 URI escape (Suggested by secondlife)
* CustomFeed::Mixi: Fix newline are not correctly extracted in Messages feed. Fixed first-time access bug without cookies
* Subscription::Bloglines: Fix atom:id bug when permaLink="false"
== 0.6.2 (2006/04/10) ==
=== Core ===
* When character set declared is invalid, falls back to auto detection (Reported by typester)
* Fix Atom feeds handling when there's no content
* requires URI::Fetch 0.06 which has better redirection support
* Fixed $plugin->assets_dir bug that it doesn't respect global config (Reported by s_nobu)
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::HatenaDiaryKeywordUnlink: strip links to Hatena Diary Keywords (miyagawa)
* CustomFeed::GoogleNews: Create custom feeds off of Google News (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* CustomFeed::Yahoo360JP: Separate blast feed as a different feed (miyagawa)
* Filter::EntryFullText: Added lots of site upgrade files (miyagawa, typester, s_nobu)
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Fix buddy icon link to your own comment (miyagawa)
* Subscription::Bloglines: Fix $entry->permalink bug when atom:id is tag (miyagawa)
* Subscription::Config: now allows empty list of feeds (miyagawa)
== 0.6.1 (2006/04/03) ==
=== Core ===
* New Feed Upgrade framework: CustomFeed::Simple and Filter::EntryFullText
* Supports .pl and .yaml file based site upgrader scripts
* Plagger::Util has decode_content and extract_title
* Support metadata in config.yaml
* Support automatic config rewriting for password fields using Base64 for now
* New dependencies: Module::Pluggable::Fast and HTML::ResolveLink
* Uses Encode::Detect and falls back to Encode::Guess to guess charset of HTML
* New author: typester (Daisuke Murase)
* Added lots of site upgrade scripts
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::YahooBlogSearchPermalink: Fixes permalink redirector of Y! Blog Search (.jp) (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* WebService::Bloglines: Fix guid stringification bug (typester)
* CustomFeed::iTunesRecentPlay: Amazon Web Services Integration (mizzy)
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Fixed blast error logic (secondlife)
* Subscription::Planet: Added Yahoo! Blog Search, Feedster and BlogPulse
== 0.6.0 (2006/04/02) ==
=== Core ===
* revamped CustomFeed API
* Aggregator::Simple supports RSS/Atom auto-discovery. #20
* Fixed CustomFeed multiple instances bug. #110
* Autoload Aggregator::Simple when no Aggregator is used. #125
* Added $context->is_loaded($plugin). #125
* $plugin->log is now supported
* Uses newly added $plugin->plugin_id method to avoid cache gotcha. #95
* $plugin->cache->path_to automatically creates sub directories. #118
* SmartFeed now uses permalink to dedupe entries
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::FeedFlareStripper: Strip FeedFlare from FeedBurner feeds (miyagawa)
* Widget::BloglinesSubscription: Link to edit subscription of Bloglines #123 (miyagawa)
* Subscription::DBI: manage subscriptions using database (Franck Cuny)
* CustomFeed::SVNLog: Create feeds from subversion log (Michiya Honda)
* Filter::Profanity: replace profane terms to !%$@# (miyagawa)
* Filter::Thumbnail: create thumbnail screenshot to use as feed icon (miyagawa)
* Widget::BulkfeedsSpamReport: Report feed as Splog to Bulkfeeds. #135 (miyagawa)
* Filter::NamaanPermalink: extract permalink from redirector URL (miyagawa)
* Filter::Romanize: uses kakasi to filter content into Roman (miyagawa)
* Subscription::Planet: Aggregates entries from various RSS search engines (youpy)
* Subscription::PingServer: Load pinged feeds to ping servers as subscription (ko)
* Filter::Rule: generic rule based feed trimming (miyagawa)
* Publish::Takahashi: Published feed entry titles as takahashi.xul file (miyagawa)
* Filter::EntryFullText: Fetch Full-Text using site handler files (miyagawa)
* Rule::URLBL: rule used with Aggregator to skip URLBL'ed feeds (ko)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Filter::StripRSSAd: More Google AdSense patterns, FeedBurner ads,
* Filter::FeedBurnerPermalink: Now work with RSS 1.0 feeds. #122
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Update HTML pattern.
* Filter::Base: new base class to handle HTML-only filter. #88
* Publish::Speech: MacOSX impementation supported (Ryo Okamoto)
* Publish::Planet: don't use HTML::Tidy for now. Fixed templates
* Aggregator::Xango: Now requires Xango 1.04. Support RSS/Atom auto-discovery
* Publish::Gmail: overwrite X-Mailer header
* CustomFeed::Frepa: support FriendStatus and RecentComment (tokuhirom)
* CustomFeed::Mixi: support Message and RecentComment (tokuhirom)
* Subscription::Bloglines: Set RSS 2.0 guid as permalink (typester)
== 0.5.7 (2006/03/13) ==
=== Core ===
* $entry->id tries hard to get unique ID
* $entry->feed_link to point feed's link
* Rename define_recipes and recipes
=== New Plugins ===
* Publish::Maildir: Store updates to local mailbox (s_nobu)
* Publish::IMAP: Store updates to IMAP mailbox (s_nobu)
* CustomFeed::Debug: Create feed using config.yaml for debugging (naoya)
* Filter::Emoticon: filter emoticons of MSN, Yahoo! or Google Talk (naoya)
=== Plugin Updates ===
* Publish::MTWidget: fixed template rebuild bug (Thanks to charsbar)
== 0.5.6 (2006/03/08) ==
=== Core ===
* New AUTHORS: Yuichi Tateno, Gosuke Miyashita, Casey West, Jesse Vincent, Naoya Ito and Kenichi Ishigaki
* Make ~/.plagger directory not readable by other users. (Thanks to typester)
* Better package management and pod tests (obra)
* config examples/ directory (cwest)
* Templates and other plugins resource rename (cwest)
* SmartFeed now has $entry->source to point to source feed (miyagawa)
* $context->templatize($plugin, $file, $var) conveniene method (miyagawa)
* Plagger::Date now uses local timezone as a default, when there's no config
* Added aggregator.aggregate.filter experimental hook for Aggregator::Simple (miyagawa)
* Implement define_recipes, recipes and includes directive in config for DRY (Yappo, secondlife)
* $plugin->cache->path_to() to point plugin specifc temp file (miyagawa)
* Added 'plugin.init' hook (miyagawa)
=== New Plugins ===
* Notify::SSTP: Notify updates to Sakura Script Transfer Protocol (secondlife)
* Publish::Playlog: Use Atom Publishing Protocol to post iTunes playlog (mizzy)
* CustomFeed::iTunesRecentPlay: iTunes' recent playlist as a custom feed (mizzy)
* SmartFeed::All: All updates as one feed (miyagawa, cwest)
* Publish::CSV: publish updates as Comma Separated Value format (naoya)
* Filter::HatenaFormat: filter hatena format (naoya)
* Publish::MT: publish updates using MT XML-RPC API (naoya)
* Publish::Planet: Planet-Planet clone in Plagger (cwest)
* Publish::OPML: publish OPML files based on subscription (miyagawa)
* CustomFeed::FlickrSearch: Use Flickr API to create custom feeds (cwest)
* CustomFeed::AmazonAssociateReportJP: Fetch Amazon's associate report (naoya)
* Filter::ImageInfo: fetch information of $feed->image and $entry->icon (miyagawa)
* Subscription::HatenaGroup: fetch Hatena Group blogs as subscription (tokuhirom)
* Filter::BlogPet: Strip BlogPet's post (naoya)
* Filter::SpamAssassin: Use SpamAssassin to strip spam posts (charsbar)
* Filter::RSSLiberalDateTime: parses pubDate sring liberally (miyagawa)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Aggregator::Xango: Added conditional GET support #93 (Daisuke)
* CustomFeed::Mixi: Support links to deleted entry #96 (miyagawa)
* Aggregator::Simple: Fixed error handling bug when URL is 404 #97 (miyagawa)
* CustomFeed::POP3: Create one feed per one mail (tokuhirom)
* Publish::Gmail: Fixed bad MAIL FROM: when used with Sendmail (Thanks to
* Subscription::Config: Support array of just URLs (miyagawa)
* Publish::PSP: template typo fix in permalink (miyagawa)
* Rule::Fresh: no datetime field means it's fresh (miyagawa)
* Subscription::Bloglines: Liberal parser support. Fallbacks to loop mode when it still finds error (miyagawa
* Aggregator::Simple: uses XML::RSS::Liberal if it's installed (miyagawa)
* Publish::Gmail: resizes feed and entry images when it's too big (miyagawa)
* Filter::StripRssAd: Support Pheedo ads pattern (miyagawa)
* Rule::Fresh: Handle empty dates better (cwest)
* Aggregator::Simple: handle Atom 1.0 date fields (miyagawa, cwest)
* Widget::HatenaBookmarkUsersCount: Support '#' in the URL (otsune)
* CustomFeed::Frepa: Fixed to support Frepa's new HTML (miyagawa)
== 0.5.5 (2006/03/03) ==
=== Core ===
* Added --version and shorter -c & -v to plagger script
* $entry->body_text now decode HTML entities correctly. #82
* New Plagger::Cache framework, accessible via $plugin->cache
* Added cookie_jar method to cache. $plugin->cache->cookie_jar
* config.yaml is now found using FindBin, rather than the current directory (Naoya Ito)
* New AUTHORS: Yoshiki Kurihara, Fumiaki Yoshimatsu, Masafumi Otsune, Takeshi Nagayama and fuba
=== New Plugins ===
* Filter::HatenaDiaryKeywordLink: Automatically link Hatena Diary Keywords in entry body (tokuhirom)
* Publish::Feed: Output Atom and RSS feeds using XML::Feed (clouder)
* Filter::ResolveRelativeLink: Fix relative links in entry body (miyagawa)
* CustomFeed::Yahoo360JP: Login to Yahoo! 360 Japan and fetch blogs and blasts (miyagawa)
* Filter::BulkfeedsTerms: Use Bulkfeeds API to fetch specific terms in entry (miyagawa)
* Filter::2chNewsokuTitle: Add prefix and postfix to entry title ala Newsoku style (miyagawa)
* Notify::Eject: eject your CD drive to notify feed updates! :-) (Yappo, fumiakiy, otsune)
* Publish::Pipe: use UNIX pipe to notify the updates to commands (e.g: lpr, /usr/bin/say) (youpy)
* Notify::Campfire: Notify feed updates to 37 signals' Campfire chat service (nagayama)
* Filter::Regexp: Update entry body by a regular expression in config (miyagawa)
* Publish::HatenaBookmark: post updates to Hatena Bookmark using Atom Protocol (fuba)
* CustomFeed::POP3: Fetch email using POP3 protocl and creates feed off of it (tokuhirom)
* Filter::RSSTimeZoneString: Fix RSS 2.0 bad timezone string in RFC 822 date format (miyagawa)
* Filter::FloatingDateTime: Fix floating datetime (dc:date and such) to your local timezone (kazeburo)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::Delicious: fix UTF-8 escape bug.
* Subscription::Bloglines: Added 'fetch_meta' option to fetch folder structure and feed URL
* Subscription::Bloglines: Fix annoying UTF-8 bad sequences by upgrading to WebService::Bloglines 0.10
* Filter::TTP: Added 'text_only' option to filter text element only in HTML. #76
* Fitler::StripRSSAd: Now it works with Bloglines subscription. Added Google AdSense pattern.
* Publish::IRC, Publish::MSAgent and Publish::Growl are now renamed to Notify::*
* Publish::Gmail: fixed typo in "Permalink" footer
* CustomFeed::Mixi, CustomFeed::Frepa now uses Cache framework to store persistent cookies
* CustomFeed::Frepa: support PNG buddyicon
* Publish::Gmail: do POP before SMTP authentication only once per whole publish
* Subscription::OPML and Aggregator::Simple now use URI::Fetch and Cache framework for conditional GET
== 0.5.4 (2006/02/27) ==
=== Core ===
* Makefile.PL has a much better dependencies definition #59 (Thanks to Daisuke Maki)
* Fixed multiple categories handling bug in Aggregator::Simple (Thanks to koyachi)
* Added body_text, title_text convinience methods to Feed and Entry
* Now uses FindBin module to find templates directory in a better way (youpy)
* New authors: Daisuke Maki, Tokuhiro Matsuno and Tsutomu Koyachi
=== New Plugins ===
* Aggregator::Xango - POE based high-speed parallel crawling (daisuke)
* Publish::PDF - Create PDF files based on feeds (miyagawa)
* Publish::Speech - Make the feeds as an audio using Text-to-Speech (miyagawa)
* Publish::MSAgent - Let Microsoft Agent speak feeds content (miyagawa)
* Publish::Growl - Send feed notifications to Mac OSX Growl (kazeburo)
* Filter::tDiaryComment - strip comments from tDiary RSS (tokuhirom)
* Filter::TTP - replace ttp: with http: (tokuhirom)
* Filter::DeliciousFeedTags - split "foo bar baz" tags into array (miyagawa)
* Publish::Delicious - post entries to automatically (koyachi)
=== Plugins Updates ===
* Publish::Spotlight: Now it fallbacks to osascript when Mac::Glue is not installed
* Publish::MTWidget: Added an option to rebuild the blog templates after updating widgets
* Publish::Gmail: Added an option to support POP3 before SMTP (tokuhirom)
== 0.5.3 (2006/02/25) ==
=== Core ===
* Added aggregator.finalize, publish.entry and publish.init hook
* Added Plagger::Rule::Fresh to match with 'fresh' entries (thanks to youpy)
* Fixed bug with SmartFeed creating duplicated entries #61
* Support log:level global configuration flag to set min loglevel
=== Plugins ===
* Added Publish::Spotlight to create WebBookmark searchable with Spotlight (youpy)
* Added Search::Namazu to create HTML files searchable with Namazu (miyagawa)
* Added Search::Rast to index entries with Rast (Yappo)
* Added Publish::MTWidget to publish Movable Type Sidebar Manager widget (miyagawa)
* Added an option 'show_icon: 1', to show users pic in Frepa and Mixi custom feeds
* Fixed Subscription::Mailman to handle subject prefixes without index
* Publish::IRC now has 'announce: action' option to use CTCP ACTION rather than NOTICE
* Filter::StripRSSAd now strips Rakuten Hiroba ( ad pattern
* Fixed CustomFeed::Frepa to complete the trimmed title under fetch_body mode
* Fixed typo in Subscription::HatenaRSS
== 0.5.2 (2006/02/22) ==
* Added Subscription::HatenaRSS plugin to fetch subscription from Hatena RSS (
* Added Subscription::Odeo plugin to fetch subscription from Odeo ( #43
* Added Publish::IRC plugin to notify updates to IRC channel: #46 (Masayoshi Sekimura)
* Fixed critical bug that Rule::Expression is broken: #51
* Fixed Mailman CustomFeed bug around English localization: #49
* Added Filter::RSSStripAd plugin to strip ads of Google AdSense or #33
== 0.5.1 (2006/02/17) ==
* Updated package name from "plagger" to "Plagger"
* Fixed MANIFEST problem that doesn't contain "config.yaml.sample"
== 0.5.0 (2006/02/17) ==
* First release