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#! perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::String;
use File::Spec::Functions;
use Test::More tests => 16;
use_ok( 'Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX' ) or exit;
my $fh = IO::String->new();
my $parser = Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX->new();
$parser->output_fh( $fh );
$parser->parse_file( catfile( qw( t test_file.pod ) ) );
my $text = join( '', <$fh> );
like( $text, qr/\\chapter{Some Document}/,
'0 heads should become chapter titles' );
like( $text, qr/\\section\*{A Heading}/,
'A heads should become section titles' );
like( $text, qr/\\subsection\*{B heading}/,
'B heads should become subsection titles' );
like( $text, qr/\\subsubsection\*{c heading}/,
'C heads should become subsubsection titles' );
like( $text, qr/\\begin{Verbatim}.+"This text.+--.+\$text."\n\\end{Verbatim}/s,
'programlistings should become unescaped, verbatim text' );
like( $text, qr/\\begin{Verbatim}.*label=.+This should also be \$unm0d\+ified\n\\end{Verbatim}/s,
'screens should become unescaped, verbatim text' );
like( $text, qr/Blockquoted text.+``escaped''\./,
'blockquoted text gets escaped' );
like( $text, qr/\\begin{description}.+\\item\[\] Verbatim\n\n/s,
'text-item lists need description formatting to start' );
like( $text, qr/\\item\[\] items\n\n\\end{description}/,
'... and to end' );
like( $text, qr/rule too:\n\n.+?\\begin{itemize}.+?\\item BANG\n\n/s,
'bulleted lists need itemized formatting to start' );
like( $text, qr/\\item BANGERANG!\n\n\\end{itemize}/,
'... and to end' );
like( $text,
qr/\\begin{description}.+?\\item\[\] wakawaka.+?What/s,
'definition lists need description formatting to start' );
like( $text, qr/\\item\[\] ook ook\n\nWhat.+says\.\n\n\\end{description}/,
'... and to end' );
local $TODO = "Seems like an upstream bug here\n";
like( $text, qr/\\begin{enumerate}.+\\item \[22\] First/,
'enumerated lists need their numbers intact' );
like( $text, qr/\\item \[77\].+Fooled you!.+\\end{itemize}/,
'... and their itemized endings okay' );