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#! perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use IO::String;
use File::Spec::Functions;
use Test::More tests => 18;
use_ok( 'Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX' ) or exit;
my $fh = IO::String->new();
my $parser = Pod::PseudoPod::LaTeX->new();
$parser->output_fh( $fh );
$parser->parse_file( catfile( qw( t test_file.pod ) ) );
my $text = join( '', <$fh> );
like( $text, qr/something special too.\n\n``The interesting/,
'blank lines should remain between paragraphs' );
like( $text, qr/\\'a la/,
'acute diacritic should translate to single quote escape' );
like( $text, qr/na\\"ive/,
'umlaut diacritic should translate to double quote escape' );
like( $text, qr/attach\\`e/,
'grave diacritic should translate to single backquote escape' );
like( $text, qr/Fran\\caise/, 'cedilla should translate to \c' );
like( $text, qr/\\copyright caper/, 'copyright symbol should get escaped' );
like( $text, qr/ligatures---and/,
'double hyphen dash should become unspacey long dash' );
like( $text, qr/\\pm some constant/, 'plusmn should get an escape too' );
like( $text, qr/\\textbf{very} important/,
'bold text needs a formatting directive' );
like( $text, qr/\\texttt{code-like text}/,
'code-marked text needs a formatting directive' );
like( $text, qr/special \\emph{emphasis}/,
'file paths need an emphasis directive' );
like( $text, qr/\\emph{semantic-only emphasis}/,
'... and so does italicized text' );
like( $text, qr/\\footnote{but beware of footnotes!}/,
'footnotes need special escaping too' );
like( $text, qr/\\index{Special formatting|textit}/,
'indexed items need even more special escaping' );
like( $text, qr/mc\$\^\{2\}\$/, 'superscript works' );
like( $text, qr/H\$\_\{2\}\$O/, 'subscript works' );
like( $text, qr[\\url{}], 'urls work');