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Revision history for Robotics
0.10 20 Jun 2009
First version, originally Bio::Robotics and Bio::Robotics::Tecan.
0.20 10 Aug 2009
Register namespace, Robotics and Robotics::Tecan.
0.21 7 Sep 2009
Release to CPAN, working for Tecan arm movement, basic code
YAML configuration for robotics environment
0.22 17 Sep 2009
Release to CPAN, upgrades for OO and Moose
Add command compiler for "long" robotics hardware commands
Add separate client, server, local connection data paths
Framework for hardware "plugin" exists though still TODO.
Robotics::Tecan::Genesis, Robotics::Tecan::Gemini
0.23 xx Oct 2009
Add FIAlab MicroSIA device (syringe, pump) as
Fialab::Microsia - basic test successful for local
Add Tecan XS commands and "type1" commands for
liquid handling
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