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Revision history for Smolder
1.52 -- 2013.07.08 -- SAPER
+ Improved how smolder_smoke_signal handle port number
+ Improved how Smolder::Conf determine share_dir
+ Fixed another broken list to access project graphs
+ Cherry-picked from mcartmell/smolder:
- 9971951: set smtphost to localhost
- d3792b2: inline css for emails
- ff25b49: various css changes
- 0fd15ee: correct some columns
- d54d92d: tweaks to db creation
- a706e8a: change input type to password on adding new users
+ Merged markstos/smolder-as-cgi
- Add a CGI-based dispatcher -- Mark Stosberg, Sven Dowideit
- Add smolder_create_database -- Mark Stosberg
+ Merged mumblingMac/v1.5.2:
- Modifed subject line in smoke report e-mail to display more detail
-- P. Leonard, K. McDaniel
- Fixed problem where the AutoRedirectToProject configuration directive
would redirect to a broken link -- K. McDaniel
- Fixed broken link(s) for progess graphs on project listing pages
-- K. McDaniel
- Fixed broken link to the full report within the smoke report e-mail(s)
-- P. Leonard, K. McDaniel
- Fixed auto completion for platform and architecture fields when
submitting a new smoke report -- P. Leonard
- Fixed RT #55514 by removing references of developer_X and public_X
within the URLs -- P. Leonard
- Fixed RT #84077 by enabling the skip field to be charted on the
progress graphs -- K. McDaniel
+ Merged maddingue/master:
- fix 'Use of qw(...) as parentheses is deprecated' warnings
+ Merged converter/master:
- Fix broken URL paths containing "developer_projects" which result in
CGI::Application errors for missing action handlers.
- Add support for UrlBase configuration option. Specifies base URL to
be used in href attributes when Smolder is behind a proxy.
+ Merged Whiteknight/master:
- Some small fixes for readability. "Recieve" -> "Receive". "everytime"...
+ Merged trammell/master:
- "it's" means "it is"; "its" is possessive
+ Merged avar/1.51-fixes:
- Add --log_level option to specify LogLevel
+ Fixed problem on machines with multiple IP addresses and other services bound to port 80 on different IPs - M. Peters
+ Another go at using images in POD - M. Peters
+ Trying to fix no_index META.yml problems
+ Added bin/smolderctl - J. Swartz
+ Added configuration directives TruncateTestFilenames, ReportsPerPage, AutoRefreshReports - J. Swartz
+ smolder now exits if any options are invalid, instead of continuing on. - A. Lester
+ Documentation improvements - M. Stosberg
+ Now storing results per-stream - J. Swartz
+ Individual test files can be muted so they don't generate emails for a specified period of time - J. Swartz, M. Peters
+ Comments can be added to test files - J. Swartz, M. Peters
+ Allow anonymous reports to be uploaded by bin/smolder_smoke_signal - M. Peters
+ Fixed RT #49107 by trying to pick a better default hostname - M. Peters
+ Fixed RT #49993 by making smolder_smoke_signal default to 8080 just like Smolder does - M. Peters
+ Fixed RT #49997 by making sure we don't send duplicate emails if multiple accounts use the same address - M. Peters
+ Compile templates at startup time. - A. Schrab
+ Don't write a PidFile by default. The previous default location is likely to not be writeable. - A. Schrab
+ Added LogLevel configuration directive - M. Peters
+ Changed all uses of open() to be 3-arg version - B. Oaks
+ Tests that died prematurely didn't mark the whole suite as failed - M. Peters
+ Removed Module::Build::TAPArchive as a build dependency since
it's a developer tool, not a build tool - M. Peters
+ Fixing Updated date in project Atom feeds - Hirose, Masaaki
+ Adding robots.txt file to keep us from being overwhelmed by bots - M. Peters
+ Correctly tell TAP::Harness::Archive to use ./lib - J. Leto
+ Fixes to Smolder::Manual - J. Leto, B. Caswell
+ Fixed ISE caused by report cleanup code when the max # of reports had been reached - M. Peters
+ Fixed RT #45568 - J. Leto, M. Peters
+ Fixed RT #45750 - M. Peters
+ Forgot to include 1.37 upgrade files in MANIFEST - M. Peters
+ Update tutorial documentation - G. Szabó
+ Create the data directory if it doesn't already exist when Smolder starts - G. Szabó
+ Added --log_file option to bin/smolder - M. Peters
+ Added revision field to smoke reports - M. Peters
+ Added --port option to bin/smolder_smoke_signal - M. Peters
+ Remove DateTime::Format::MySQL as a dependency and just use strptime and strftime instead - M. Peters
+ Require File::Temp 0.21 so we know we have newdir() - M. Peters
+ Add max_reports and extra_css properties to Projects - M. Peters
+ Use IPC::Run more correctly so we can catch any errors that bin/smolder gives
during testing - M. Peters
+ removed t/all_bin.t since we are already testing each bin/ script in other
tests - M. Peters
+ Added -I flag to bin/smolder when starting it for the tests so it will pick
up blib/ instead of something else - M. Peters
+ We can't rely on using File::ShareDir during the build process since we're
loading Smolder::Build from ./lib - M. Peters
+ IPC::Run, LWP::UserAgent and WWW::Mechanize should be listed as part of
configure_requires - G. Szabó, M. Peters
+ Load IPC::Run, LWP::UserAgent and WWW::Mechanize conditionally in Build.PL
in case configure_requires is ignored - G. Szabó, M. Peters
+ Run the smolder binary in blib/ instead of bin/ during tests - G. Szabó
+ Install shared data into /blib/lib/auto so it goes into the right shared dir
even when using a different install_base - G. Szabó, M. Peters
+ added --port, --host, --data_dir and --share_dir to bin/smolder to make it easier
to customize without needing a config file - M. Peters
+ Smolder::Conf is not simpler (doesn't use Config::ApacheFormat) and tries to have
better defaults for everything so that a smolder.conf is not needed - M. Peters
1.33 (March 30, 2009)
+ Tell CPAN to not index out private modules where we still want to have POD - M. Peters
+ Fix RT#44683 - M. Peters
+ Require CGI::Application::Plugin::Stream 2.10 to fix download bug - M. Peters
1.32 (March 30, 2009)
+ Fix even more build, test, install issues
+ Fix regression where public projects that didn't allow anonymous reports actually would.
1.31 (March 30, 2009)
+ Fixing some minor Build.PL issues
1.3 (March 29, 2009)
+ Rewrite of the build/install system to be installable from CPAN using
Module::Build::TAPArchive - M. Peters
+ Drop MySQL as supported DB platform. Now we just use SQLite - M. Peters
+ Remove most of the bin/ scripts and replace them with Build.PL actions - M. Peters
+ Remove most of the docs/ and replace them with Smolder::Manual - M. Peters
+ Remove lots of unused code and config options - M. Peters
+ Fixed problem with Atom URLS - Andrew Moore, M. Peters
+ Added a few indexes to speed some things up for projects with lots of test reports -
M. Peters
+ Show tags for a report in the Atom feed as well as the report details - M. Peters
+ Fix some UI issues that came up from having very long tag names - M. Peters
+ Recognize the extra_properties in an TAP archive and display them on the report - M. Peters
+ Added --report-id option to bin/smolder_update_smoke_html - M. Peters
+ Individual TAP streams are now viewable on the test report screen - M. Peters
+ Simplified platform files since all RH derivatives can be treated the same - M. Peters
+ Remove the /init.d script since we don't want to require root on install/upgrade - M. Peters
+ Added --Platform option to bin/smolder_install - Elizabeth Cortell
+ Fixed build and install on 0SX 10.5 (Leopard) - Elizabeth Cortell
+ Improved build and error messages on Ubuntu - Elizabeth Cortell
+ Joined Prototype/Scriptaculous files with protoaculous to improve initial browser load
time - M. Peters
+ Allow TAP archives to contain all of the fields we also collect on the report form -
M. Peters
+ Developer uploads can now be done without logging in as long as credentials are passed -
M. Peters
+ Minor template and style changes
+ Project categories have now been replaced by the more flexible smoke report tags - M. Peters
+ TAP archives can now be downloaded through the UI for a given report - M. Peters
+ Graphs can now be done on test run duration if that info was provided in the archive -
M. Peters
+ Fixed some various platform install problems because we weren't detecting missing libraries,
or we couldn't find libraries that were already installed. Devel::CheckLib to the rescure -
Slaven Rezic, M. Peters
+ Fixed problems with documentation - Slaven Rezic, M. Peters
+ The default DBPlatform is now SQLite instead of MySQL - M. Peters
+ When re-installing, smolder_install calls smolder_unistall with invalid params - Reported
by Andy Lester, fixed by M. Peters
+ When re-installing we need to remove any old database that might be laying around -
Reported by Andy Lester, fixed by M. Peters
+ Added docs/porting.pod and fixed bad link in docs/ops_install.pod - M. Peters
+ Fixed build issue where Carp::Clan was hanging - M. Peters
+ Fixed build issue on Mac OSX where we were looking for .so files instead of .dynlib
- Michael Schwern, M. Peters
+ Fixed test of MySQL isolation level to accept READ-COMMITTED or stricter - Sam Villain
+ Upgraded some CPAN components and removed a lot dependencies that were no longer necessary
- M. Peters
+ Added Fedora 7 & 8 as a build target - M. Peters
+ Changed the Javascript calendar library we're using - M. Peters
+ Upgraded Prototype and Scriptaculous JS libraries - M. Peters
+ Abort build if we detect a broken ExtUtils::Install - Michael Schwern, M. Peters
+ Auto-convert the sqlite DB to the new version when upgrading Smolder - M. Peters
+ Added bin/smolder_sql_exec and bin/smolder_dumpdb helper scripts - M. Peters
+ Removed smolder_prove. You can now get the new TAP archive format by using
TAP::Parser's runtests --archive.
+ Change the UI for assigning developers to projects to allow for larger lists of groups
and developers - M. Peters
+ Upgraded 3rd party JavaScript libraries (prototype, scriptaculous) and remove unnecssary
JS and CSS files - M. Peters
+ Fixed bug where emails weren't being sent out. - M. Peters
+ SMTPHost config directive is now optional and Smolder will use the local sendmail program
if it's not provided. - M. Peters
+ Now using TAP::Harness::Archive as the suggested method of creating the TAP archive. Also
use it for manipulating them. - M. Peters
+ Now using straight TAP (bundled in an archive file) instead of the custom XML/YAML thing
we were using before. - M. Peters
+ Added Atom feeds that can be enabled per project. - M. Peters
+ Updated various component source modules and projects. - M. Peters
+ Removed swish-e and mod_auth_tkt since they weren't essential to the functioning of smolder,
but added a lot of size. - M. Peters
+ Allow smolder.conf to be located in various places, not just
$SMOLDER_ROOT/conf/smolder. We now look first at $SMOLDER_CONF, then in
$SMOLDER_ROOT/conf, /usr/local/smolder/conf and then /etc/smolder. - M. Peters
+ Added "Show All Details" link to test reports. Will suck browser resources if used on
large test reports, but should be find on smaller ones - M. Peters
+ Fixed upgrades to now use appropriate sql file depending on the running DBPlatform. -
M. Peters
+ Updated various images. - M. Peters
+ Added bin/smolder_update_smoke_html so that you can regenerate the HTML of the smoke
reports after a template change. - M. Peters
+ Better tolerance of email failures, allowing the action to proceed and warnings to be
sent to the log (and user when appropriate) - M. Peters
+ Added --not-perl option to bin/smolder_prove so that it will simply exec files
without treating them like Perl scripts. - M. Peters
+ Fixed bug when building with --no-mysql on a system that doesnt have MySQL installed -
Trushar Zaveri and M. Peters
+ Fixed bug to allow anonymous access to test file details for public projects - M. Peters
+ Fixed bug with uploading YAML files instead of XML - M. Peters
+ Disable form inputs when AJAXified forms are submitting, then re-enable them on request
completion - M. Peters
+ Minor bug fixes with CRUD UI's - M. Peters
+ Changed the validation messages to use the same message stack as other messages instead
of being inlined. - M. Peters
+ Better display of test descriptions and diagnostic messages in HTML results matrix. -
M. Peters
+ Added dynamic HTML TAP Matrix views - M. Peters
+ Fixed some navigation issues with paged results of smoke reports when using categories. -
M. Peters
+ Removed Swish-e and searchable docs from Smolder. We'll have this someday on the website
(when we get one). - M. Peters
+ Fixed some build/install issues for FreeBSD and MySQL - M. Peters
+ Added mising Method::Alias module - Sam Tregar
+ HTML escape test data in the TAP Matrix - M. Peters
0.3 (1.0 RC1)
+ Mark tests that have files that exit with a non-zero status that use 'no_plan' to be
marked as failing - M. Peters
+ Allow anonymous smoke tests added to public projects - M. Peters
+ Added public projects - M. Peters
+ Upgrading to Apache 1.3.36 - M. Peters
+ Auto-purging of old compressed XML files by ProjectFullReportsMax config directive -
M. Peters
+ Better caching headers for static files - M. Peters
+ Fixed building of SQLite on some platforms - Mark Stosberg
+ Searchable HTML versions of docs - M. Peters
+ Fixing graph generation bug when using SQLite - Sam Tregar
+ Compressed XML storage and acceptance during upload - M. Peters, Sam Tregar
+ Runtime errors sometimes being lost - Sam Tregar, M. Peters
+ Removed un-used mod_ssl sources and build - M. Peters
+ Turn on mod_auth_tkt for all dynamic requests so that Apache auth stages are run and
valid credentials produced - M. Peters
+ Added smolder_prove, to run any normal Perl tests for smolder - M. Peters
+ Send the port number in URLs in emails - Sam Tregar
+ Skip the authinfo test if Apache is not running - Sam Tregar
+ Added missing modules to src (XML::Parser, XML::SAX::Expat, Exception::Class and
Exception::Class::TryCatch) - Sam Tregar
+ Using a smaller number of Apache children and Apache::SizeLimit to limit any memory
hogging - M. Peters
+ Added built-in SQLite support - (M. Peters, Mark Stosberg)
+ Added multi-db support via Smolder::DBPlatform - M. Peters
+ Upgraded DBI to 1.50 - M. Peters
+ Added notification to the user of failed AJAX requests - M. Peters
+ Overhaul and review of upgrade system - M. Peters
+ Project admins can control when the project graph starts by default - M. Peters
+ Can now view progress graph by platform and architecture - M. Peters
+ Overhaul of Admin Developer/Project CRUDs to keep everything on one AJAXified screen -
M. Peters
0.04 (March 13, 2006)
+ Added ability to see just a single report by id; Smoke report emails now link to single
reports - M. Peters
+ Added logging to Apache::Log via Log::Dispatch and CGI::Application::Plugin::LogDispatch -
M. Peters
+ Fixed smolder_backup and smolder_install to work together and allow installation from a
backup - M. Peters
+ Reviewed all templates and fixed potential XSS issue with non escaped data - M. Peters
+ Added top-level Makefile as a shortcut to various actions/scripts - M. Peters
+ Explicitly set Expires headers for CSS/JS/Image to improve caching - M. Peters
+ Run tests as User/Group if we can - M. Peters
+ Check for libgd on install - M. Peters
+ FreeBSD control scripts moved from /etc/rc.d to /usr/local/etc/rc.d. Currently there is
no automatic migration of scripts previously installed in /etc/rc.d by smolder. - Mark Stosberg
0.03 (March 06, 2006)
+ Added more missing Perl modules to src/ directory - M. Peters
+ Allow smolder_createdb to use MySQL root passwords with spaces - Matisse Enzer
+ Add "--dry-run" option to smolder_createdb. -Mark Stosberg
0.02 (March 05, 2006)
+ Fixed building of on FreeBSD - Mark Stosberg
+ Added missing Perl modules to src/ directory - M. Peters
0.01 (March 04, 2006)
+ Initial public release
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