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# SweetPea Todo List
# bugs
[x] root-level route failure after 3 inline url params
[x] .t test script produces error when run without params
[x] & generated with wrong/bad permissions
# pending
- [-] Change the welcome screen to match website
- [-] Fix generated file permissiosn, maybe include a file permissions checker
- [x] Add (request) as an alias to request_method, allow it to accept params e.g. if $s->request('get');
- [x] Fix sweetpea cli to create folders for ops crtl, model, and view
- [x] CPAN-Testers reports calling plugin on unloaded object(App)
- [x] Session folder now kept outside of application (by default) for security purposes
# completed
- [x] Design to showcase sweetpea features
- [x] Rethink how the generated test script processes existing routes
- [x] Add support for variable routes, must include support for auto-routes
- [x] Flush session object after setting flash message. (maybe instead flush before any redirect)
- [x] Add routes which provides extra functionality (basic static routes).
- [x] Add method method to determine get or post submissions
- [x] Add flash or notice method to convey information across requests
- [x] Allow the path method to build paths also.
- [x] Make global _begin and _end methods run parallel to local _begin and _end
- [x] Desperate need of a redirect method
- [x] Refactor to use CGI only.
- [x] Add makeapp method to create application structure dynamically.
- [x] Auto-initialize controllers which currently require a _new method to be utilized.
- [x] Add an unplug method to clear and re-initialize plugin modules.
- [x] Add accessors for content-type, controller, action, ...
- [x] Document creation via heredocs instead of multiple print statements
- [x] Add test folder and starter scripts to generated app (waiting on App:Rad 1.05)
- [x] Write Tests
- [x] Add ability to test and debug routes with the console
- [x] Auto-routing to Root-level actions no longer working (Fixed)
- [x] Add wildcard operator to routing
# depreciated
- [d] Implement a method to dump auto-routes table to an includable file.
- [d] Expand the on SweetPea::Style namespace (cummunity-driven custom application scaffolding) - moving to SweetPea::Application (entire coc framework)
- [d] Add web application basic functions (discuss sessions, cookies, databases, etc) called GETTING STARTED (After Boiler-Plate) - SweetPea::Application
- [d] Add tests folder (with starter tests) for testing generated app.
- [d] push_download should be able to take content instead of filename as arg
- [d] .t test script should render both html and debug information and output it to .logs dir
- [d] Add logging by checking debug array during _shutdown
- [d] Add demos/demo links to the documentation.
# needed methods/functions
- [x] file handling, saving, writing, etc
- [x] file uploading
- [x] force download
- [x] request - alias to request_method