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This is the Time::y2038 Perl module. It is a wrapper around the y2038
C library to use its functions from Perl. The latest version and
project information can be had from:
Run "perldoc Time::y2038" for documentation (before or after installing) or
Use the CPAN shell. Run "cpan" and type "install Time::y2038". This
will resolve all module dependencies and get you the latest version.
In the Time-y2038 directory, run "cpan .". This will resolve all
module dependencies from CPAN and install Time::y2038 from your source
This module uses Module::Build. To install, you must first have the
required prerequisites.
Build & testing requirements...
perl 5.6.1
Module::Build 0.2808
Test::Warn 0.11
Test::Exception 0.27
Test::More 0.62
ExtUtils::CBuilder 0.24
An ANSI C compiler that ExtUtils::CBuilder knows about.
Runtime requirements...
perl 5.6.1
The simplest way to resolve the module dependencies is to run "cpan ."
in the source directory. The CPAN shell will install all dependencies
from CPAN and Time::y2038 from the source directory.
Once all dependencies are installed, run these commands:
perl Build.PL
./Build test
./Build install
This will install the module as part of your perl installation.
If you want to install it for personal use...
perl Build.PL --install_base ~
and the rest as normal. This will install the library under
~/lib/perl5/ and the man pages in ~/man/. Set your PERL5LIB and
MANPATH environment variables appropriately.
If you encounter any problems building or testing this module, please
report it at
Please include the complete output of your build. Don't cut things
out to save me trouble, you never know what's important. Also include
the output of "perl -V", the type and version of your C compiler, your
operating system, the versions of the prerequisite modules and the
output of running the bin/check_max program.
If you don't have time for all that, just copy & paste what you've got
and send it off.
Do not wait until you have a patch. Don't assume your bug is known or
your platform is too weird to bother with. Report early, report