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The Markdown Presentation Service For Developers
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Slide Decks for Tech Conferences, Meetups, and Training

WEBSITE: | HOW-TO : GitPitch Docs | TWITTER: @gitpitch

What is GitPitch?

Developers. Conference Speakers. Educators. Training Instructors. Pssst...


  • GitPitch is a markdown presentation tool for MacOS, Linux, and Windows 10.
  • GitPitch Desktop lets you develop, preview, and present markdown presentations offline.
  • Export your markdown presentations to PDF and PowerPoint PPTX.
  • And publish and share your markdown presentations online at
  • To publish any deck just git-push from your desktop to any repo on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket.
  • And share it as a public, private, or password-protected markdown presentation in the cloud.

GitPitch Theme Builder


Click link to view the Theme Builder Guide :

GitPitch Snap Layouts


Click link to view the Snap Layouts Guide :

GitPitch Live Code Presenting


Click link to view the Live Code Presenting Guide :


Click link to view the Speaker Support Guide :


Click link to view the Modular Presentations Guide :

The GitPitch Docs


Click link to view the The Complete GitPitch Docs:

GitPitch In-60-Seconds Tutorial


Click link to launch the GitPitch In-60-Seconds Tutorial:

Introducing the Convention

The Convention

If you have ever worked with Git - on GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket - you are probably already familiar with this convention. It automatically turns any file found within a Git repository into nicely rendered documentation. This convention gives developers a simple and convenient way to document any project.

The Convention

GitPitch introduces a brand new convention for all Git users, the convention. This convention automatically turns any file found within a Git repository into a modern slideshow presentation on This convention gives developers a simple and convenient way to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything. Using the tools we already know and love - Markdown and Git.

The GitPitch Backstory

GitPitch began as a personal project back in 2016. The early versions of the service were maintained as an open source project in this repository. I now work on this project full-time and develop a wide range of free, subscriber, and enterprise presentation tools and services. You can still fork, clone, or modify the original source and open new issues and feature requests on this repo. For project news and updates, follow me on Twitter.

If you like this project please show your support with a GitHub Star. Your support is much appreciated. Cheers, David ❤️.

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