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Sometimes when sharing a link to a GitPitch slideshow presentation it can be useful to provide a direct link to a specific slide within your overall presentation. These direct links can be used to emphasize or highlight specific or relevant content within a broader discussion.

You can create direct links for any slide within your presentation by following these simple steps:

Step 1. Construct a direct URL to your slideshow

These direct URLs take the following generalized form:

Substitute github, gitlab, or bitbucket for grs as appropriate for your presentation.

So for example, the direct URL for the classic Kitchen Sink presentation is as follows:

Step 2. Append Slide Specific Coordinates

Each slide in your presentation has a relative position within the overall slideshow. Because GitPitch slideshows support both horizontal and vertical slides you can think of your presentation as a grid of slides.

To quickly understand this concept you can view any presentation in overview mode and you will see the grid-like layout of your slides. For example, here is a screenshot that shows the Kitchen Sink presentation in overview mode:


For a given slide, you need to identify its unique coordinates. These slide coordinates take the following format:


Note, the slide-row-number is optional. The slide-column-number points at a top-level slide in your presentation, so any slide in the top row of the grid. For example, to create a slide coordinate that will allow you to point at the Image Slides slide in the Kitchen Sink presentation, you would use the following:


The Image Slides slide in this presentation appears at the 7th column in the first row of the grid. As slide coordinates are indexed from zero you end up using the #/6 coordinate.

The slide-row-number points at any slide that appears below the first row of the grid. For example, to create a slide coordinate that will allow you to point at the animated gif slide below the Image Slide, use this:


Step 3. Append Slide Specific Coordinates to direct URL

Finally, you need to append the slide specific coordinate for the slide you want to link to onto the direct URL for your slideshow, For example:

You can now share this complete direct URL with anyone. When the URL is opened they will see the specific slide you pointed them at. Please keep in mind that if you later change the number or order of slides in your slideshow, these direct links may no longer be valid.

Final Tip! Given these direct URLs bypass the GitPitch landing page for your slideshow it is still recommended that you also share the standard GitPitch URL for your presentation:

The standard GitPitch URL will allow your users to easily start at the beginning of your presentation and also Embed, Share, Print, and go Offline, etc.

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