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Workspace Images

Gitpod ready-to-code Build from Main

Ready-to-use Docker images for workspaces. All images are available on Gitpod's Docker Hub page.

For an example of how to use these images, please take a look at the documentation.

πŸ“’ Announcements

We upgraded to support dazzle v2 and build with GitHub Actions.


  • Operating System: Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
  • OS Type: Linux
  • Architecture: x86_64


By default, Gitpod uses a standard Docker Image called workspace-full as the foundation for workspaces.

Workspaces started based on this default image come pre-installed with Docker, Nix, Go, Java, Node.js, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Rust & PHP as well as tools such as Homebrew, Tailscale, Nginx & several more.

If this image does not include the tools you need for your repository, we recommend you start with workspace-base and customize it according to your needs. You can refer to this document to setup a custom docker image.

πŸ“· Images we'll maintain

πŸ†• Specific Images

These are lightweight compared to gitpod/workspace-full.

Each contains a set of chunks: a common base and a language / tool. Every image also comes with Docker and Tailscale preinstalled.

Versions we'll maintain

For images dedicated to Java, Node, Python and Ruby, their lifecycle generally works as follows:

  • If an image does not have a version in its name, we try to keep it at its latest stable version
  • If an image is versioned (like workspace-python-3.12), we'll support it until it reaches End of Life

🎬 No upgrade planned

⚠️ These images are no longer being published, and are not planned for Upgrade:

  • gitpod/workspace-images-dazzle
  • gitpod/workspace-dotnet-vnc
  • gitpod/workspace-dotnet-lts
  • gitpod/workspace-dotnet-lts-vnc
  • gitpod/workspace-flutter
  • gitpod/workspace-gecko
  • gitpod/workspace-wasm
  • gitpod/workspace-firefox
  • gitpod/workspace-full-dazzle
  • gitpod/workspace-mysql-8
  • gitpod/workspace-python-tk-vnc
  • gitpod/workspace-python-tk
  • gitpod/workspace-rethinkdb
  • gitpod/workspace-thin
  • gitpod/workspace-webassembly

πŸ“’ Deprecated images

These images are no longer being published:


You can follow the detailed guide on how to contribute here.

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Where to follow new updates

  • Announcements: Significant changes and breaking updates are announced through the file with details.
  • Recently Merged Changes: For checking new features or updates staged for next deployment that don't warrant everyone's attention, browse through the merged pull requests.
  • Image Updates: Every Monday, a GitHub action automatically builds and updates the images based on the main branch. Once built, these images are made available on Gitpod's Docker Hub.