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* file mode in Tree, Blob and Diff objects now is an int compatible to definintiions
in the stat module, allowing you to query whether individual user, group and other
read, write and execute bits are set.
* Adjusted class hierarchy to generally allow comparison and hash for Objects and Refs
* Improved Tag object which now is a Ref that may contain a tag object with additional
* id_abbrev method has been removed as it could not assure the returned short SHA's
where unique
* removed basename method from Objects with path's as it replicated features of os.path
* from_string and list_from_string methods are now private and were renamed to
_from_string and _list_from_string respectively. As part of the private API, they
may change without prior notice.
* Renamed all find_all methods to list_items - this method is part of the Iterable interface
that also provides a more efficients and more responsive iter_items method
* All dates, like authored_date and committer_date, are stored as seconds since epoc
to consume less memory - they can be converted using time.gmtime in a more suitable
presentation format if needed.
* Named method parameters changed on a wide scale to unify their use. Now git specific
terms are used everywhere, such as "Reference" ( ref ) and "Revision" ( rev ).
Prevously multiple terms where used making it harder to know which type was allowed
or not.
* Unified diff interface to allow easy diffing between trees, trees and index, trees
and working tree, index and working tree, trees and index. This closely follows
the git-diff capabilities.
* Git.execute does not take the with_raw_output option anymore. It was not used
by anyone within the project and False by default.
Item Iteration
* Previously one would return and process multiple items as list only which can
hurt performance and memory consumption and reduce response times.
iter_items method provide an iterator that will return items on demand as parsed
from a stream. This way any amount of objects can be handled.
* list_items method returns IterableList allowing to access list members by name
objects Package
* blob, tree, tag and commit module have been moved to new objects package. This should
not affect you though unless you explicitly imported individual objects. If you just
used the git package, names did not change.
* former 'name' member renamed to path as it suits the actual data better
* git.subcommand call scheme now prunes out None from the argument list, allowing
to be called more confortably as None can never be a valid to the git command
if converted to a string.
* Renamed 'git_dir' attribute to 'working_dir' which is exactly how it is used
* 'count' method is not an instance method to increase its ease of use
* 'name_rev' property returns a nice name for the commit's sha
* The git configuration can now be read and manipulated directly from within python
using the GitConfigParser
* Repo.config_reader() returns a read-only parser
* Repo.config_writer() returns a read-write parser
* Members a a_commit and b_commit renamed to a_blob and b_blob - they are populated
with Blob objects if possible
* Members a_path and b_path removed as this information is kept in the blobs
* Diffs are now returned as DiffIndex allowing to more quickly find the kind of
diffs you are interested in
* Commit and Tree objects now support diffing natively with a common interface to
compare agains other Commits or Trees, against the working tree or against the index.
* A new Index class allows to read and write index files directly, and to perform
simple two and three way merges based on an arbitrary index.
* References are object that point to a Commit
* SymbolicReference are a pointer to a Reference Object, which itself points to a specific
* They will dynmically retrieve their object at the time of query to assure the information
is actual. Recently objects would be cached, hence ref object not be safely kept
* Moved blame method from Blob to repo as it appeared to belong there much more.
* active_branch method now returns a Head object instead of a string with the name
of the active branch.
* tree method now requires a Ref instance as input and defaults to the active_branche
instead of master
* is_dirty now takes additional arguments allowing fine-grained control about what is
considered dirty
* Removed the following methods:
- 'log' method as it as effectively the same as the 'commits' method
- 'commits_since' as it is just a flag given to rev-list in Commit.iter_items
- 'commit_count' as it was just a redirection to the respective commit method
- 'commits_between', replaced by a note on the iter_commits method as it can
achieve the same thing
- 'commit_delta_from' as it was a very special case by comparing two different
repositories which are likely to have completly different commits. For
related repositories, i.e. clones, git-rev-list would be sufficient to find
commits that would need to be transferred for example.
- 'create' method which equals the 'init' method's functionality
- 'diff' - it returned a mere string which still had to be parsed
- 'commit_diff' - moved to Commit, Tree and Diff types respectively
* Renamed the following methods:
- commits to iter_commits to improve the performance, adjusted signature
- init_bare to init, implying less about the options to be used
- fork_bare to clone, as it was to represent general clone functionality, but implied
a bare clone to be more versatile
- archive_tar_gz and archive_tar and replaced by archive method with different signature
* 'commits' method has no max-count of returned commits anymore, it now behaves
like git-rev-list
* The following methods and properties were added
- 'untracked_files' property, returning all currently untracked files
- 'head', creates a head object
- 'tag', creates a tag object
- 'iter_trees' method
- 'config_reader' method
- 'config_writer' method
- 'bare' property, previously it was a simple attribute that could be written
* Renamed the following attributes
- 'path' is now 'git_dir'
- 'wd' is now 'working_dir'
* Added attribute
- 'working_tree_dir' which may be None in case of bare repositories
* Added Remote object allowing easy access to remotes
* Repo.remotes lists all remotes
* Repo.remote returns a remote of the specified name if it exists
Test Framework
* Added support for common TestCase base class that provides additional functionality
to receive repositories tests can also write to. This way, more aspects can be
tested under real-world ( un-mocked ) conditions.
* former 'name' member renamed to path as it suits the actual data better
* added traverse method allowing to recursively traverse tree items
* deleted blob method
* added blobs and trees properties allowing to query the respective items in the
* now mimics behaviour of a read-only list instead of a dict to maintain order.
* content_from_string method is now private and not part of the public API anymore
* Added in Sphinx documentation.
* Removed ambiguity between paths and treeishs. When calling commands that
accept treeish and path arguments and there is a path with the same name as
a treeish git cowardly refuses to pick one and asks for the command to use
the unambiguous syntax where '--' seperates the treeish from the paths.
* ``Repo.commits``, ``Repo.commits_between``, ``Reop.commits_since``,
``Repo.commit_count``, ``Repo.commit``, ``Commit.count`` and
``Commit.find_all`` all now optionally take a path argument which
constrains the lookup by path. This changes the order of the positional
arguments in ``Repo.commits`` and ``Repo.commits_since``.
* ``Commit.message`` now contains the full commit message (rather than just
the first line) and a new property ``Commit.summary`` contains the first
line of the commit message.
* Fixed a failure when trying to lookup the stats of a parentless commit from
a bare repo.
* The diff parser is now far faster and also addresses a bug where
sometimes b_mode was not set.
* Added support for parsing rename info to the diff parser. Addition of new
properties ``Diff.renamed``, ``Diff.rename_from``, and ``Diff.rename_to``.
* Corrected problem where branches was only returning the last path component
instead of the entire path component following refs/heads/.
* Modified the gzip archive creation to use the python gzip module.
* Corrected ``commits_between`` always returning None instead of the reversed
* upgraded to Mock 0.4 dependency.
* Replace GitPython with git in repr() outputs.
* Fixed packaging issue caused by
* No longer strip newlines from Blob data.
* Corrected problem with git-rev-list --bisect-all. See
* Corrected problems with creating bare repositories.
* Repo.tree no longer accepts a path argument. Use:
>>> dict(k, o for k, o in tree.items() if k in paths)
* Made daemon export a property of Repo. Now you can do this:
>>> exported = repo.daemon_export
>>> repo.daemon_export = True
* Allows modifying the project description. Do this:
>>> repo.description = "Foo Bar"
>>> repo.description
'Foo Bar'
* Added a read-only property Repo.is_dirty which reflects the status of the
working directory.
* Added a read-only Repo.active_branch property which returns the name of the
currently active branch.
* Switched to using a dictionary for Tree contents since you will usually want
to access them by name and order is unimportant.
* Implemented a dictionary protocol for Tree objects. The following:
child = tree.contents['grit']
child = tree['grit']
* Made Tree.content_from_string a static method.
* removed ``method_missing`` stuff and replaced with a ``__getattr__``
override in ``Git``.
* renamed ``git_python`` to ``git``. Be sure to delete all pyc files before
* Fixed problem with commit stats not working under all conditions.
* Renamed module to cmd.
* Removed shell escaping completely.
* Added support for ``stderr``, ``stdin``, and ``with_status``.
* ``git_dir`` is now optional in the constructor for ``git.Git``. Git now
falls back to ``os.getcwd()`` when git_dir is not specified.
* add a ``with_exceptions`` keyword argument to git commands.
``GitCommandError`` is raised when the exit status is non-zero.
* add support for a ``GIT_PYTHON_TRACE`` environment variable.
``GIT_PYTHON_TRACE`` allows us to debug GitPython's usage of git through
the use of an environment variable.
* Fixed up problem where ``name`` doesn't exist on root of tree.
* Corrected problem with creating bare repo. Added ``Repo.create`` alias.
* Corrected problem with ``Tree.__div__`` not working with zero length files.
Removed ``__len__`` override and replaced with size instead. Also made size
cach properly. This is a breaking change.
Fixed up some urls because I'm a moron
initial release
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