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Chrome extension for GitSense which makes searching, analyzing and reviewing code in GitHub better
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GitSense Insight


GitSense Insight is an opened source browser extension for Chrome and it makes searching in GitHub and GitLab better. GitSense helps you find answers and to learn how, make sure to visit for more information.

Quick Feature Highlights

Search for commits, code and diffs

alt text

Search by SHA

alt text

Search forked repos

alt text

Group and Org level insight

Search and analyze any branch, from any repo and in any combination.

alt text

alt text

Chrome Install Instructions

Install from Webstore

Install manually

1 - Download the source

You can clone this repository or download it.

Once you have the source, go to where you've downloaded/cloned it and look for a directory called chrome. Once you've located it, make a mental note of where it's located, as you'll need this for step 4.

2 - Goto the Chrome Extensions Page

The easiest way to get there, is to enter the following in your browser URL:


3 - Enable Developer Mode

In the Chrome Extensions page, look for the "Developer mode" checkbox, which is near the top of the page. Check the checkbox beside "Developer mode" to enable developer mode.

4 - Load the extension

With the developer mode enabled, you'll find a button called "Load unpacked extensions..." near the top of the page. Click on it, and select the path to the chrome directory that was mentioned in step 1.

If all went as planned, you should find the GitSense Extension in your Chrome Extension page, which means you are now GitSense enabled.

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