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Code Climate Build Status standard-readme compliant

Get noticed with a rockstar Portfolio

GitShowcase exists to help developers to present their awesomeness, showing their skills, projects and social networks in a way that is easy to understand.

Contact us @

Table of Contents


System Requirements

  • Ruby 2.4.0 recommended
  • Postgres 9.2+
  • NodeJS (for compiling javascript resources)

Fork and bundle

  • Fork the project
  • Run bundle to install gems
bundle install

Create your GitHub application

Unless you only want to edit the homepage, you'll need your own GitHub credentials for development.

Go to your settings, than OAuth applications and register a new application.

For Authorization callback URL field, use: http://localhost:3000/users/auth/github/callback. The other fields (name, description) may be filled at your will.

Configure your environment

Copy the file .env.example to .env and fill the fields




If you're using Linux or OSX, you probably don't need to fill the DB_ fields

Database setup

Download and Install Postgres

  • Create the databases:
rails db:create
  • Run migrations to create tables:
rails db:migrate
  • Seeding:
rails db:seed

Redis setup

Redis is used for managing queues inside the application.

For more information about how to install Redis, please refer to

Running Tests

To run the tests, use:

bundle exec rspec

Running Server

Start Rails, Redis and Sidekiq.

rails s
bundle exec sidekiq

Road map

We have a road map of what we are going to implement next. It is available at our projects page

If you wish to add features that are not on the road map, you're very welcome to do so. We encourage you to create an Issue before coding, so we can all discuss the relevance to the community.

Please keep in mind that the focus is to create a great product, so we might not implement/accept all the suggested features.


Pedro Moreira (Developer) -

Victor Hunter (UI/UX) -


All contributions must be written in English, so everyone can communicate :)

Feel free to Open an issue or submit PRs. If you choose to open a PR, please do so on the development branch.

GitShowcase follows the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct.

Code Style

TODO - Add code styling (Rubocop) to Travis CI

Code Quality

The Pull Request must not present issues on Code Climate.

Commit Messages

Commit messages should be verb based, such as:

  • Fixing ...
  • Adding ...
  • Updating ...
  • Removing ...


Please update the tests to reflect your changes.

Travis CI will run on your PR and it has to pass for the PR to be accepted :)