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GIT v1.5.3.7 Release Notes
Fixes since v1.5.3.6
* git-send-email added 8-bit contents to the payload without
marking it as 8-bit in a CTE header.
* "git-bundle create a.bndl HEAD" dereferenced the symref and
did not record the ref as 'HEAD'; this prevented a bundle
from being used as a normal source of git-clone.
* The code to reject nonsense command line of the form
"git-commit -a paths..." and "git-commit --interactive
paths..." were broken.
* Adding a signature that is not ASCII-only to an original
commit that is ASCII-only would make the result non-ASCII.
"git-format-patch -s" did not mark such a message correctly
with MIME encoding header.
* git-add sometimes did not mark the resulting index entry
stat-clean. This affected only cases when adding the
contents with the same length as the previously staged
contents, and the previous staging made the index entry
"racily clean".
* git-commit did not honor GIT_INDEX_FILE the user had in the
* When checking out a revision, git-checkout did not report where the
updated HEAD is if you happened to have a file called HEAD in the
work tree.
* "git-rev-list --objects" mishandled a tree that points at a
* "git cvsimport" was not ready for packed refs that "git gc" can
produce and gave incorrect results.
* Many scripted Porcelains were confused when you happened to have a
file called "HEAD" in your work tree.
Also it contains updates to the user manual and documentation.
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