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1 parent 67cc20a commit f1bca69e23f67472554d9033667eb6c9459daf6d Junio C Hamano committed Apr 27, 2012
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@@ -86,6 +86,30 @@ Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.10 in the maintenance
releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for
+ * Octopus merge strategy did not reduce heads that are recorded in the
+ final commit correctly.
+ (merge 5802f81 jc/merge-reduce-parents-early later to maint).
+ * In the older days, the header "Conflicts:" in "cherry-pick" and
+ "merge" was separated by a blank line from the list of paths that
+ follow for readability, but when "merge" was rewritten in C, we lost
+ it by mistake. Remove the newline from "cherry-pick" to make them
+ match again.
+ (merge 5112068 rt/cherry-revert-conflict-summary later to maint).
+ * The filesystem boundary was not correctly reported when .git
+ directory discovery stopped at a mount point.
+ (merge 2565b43 cb/maint-report-mount-point-correctly-in-setup later to maint).
+ * The command line parser choked "git cherry-pick $name" when $name
+ can be both revision name and a pathname, even though $name can
+ never be a path in the context of the command.
+ (merge 6d5b93f cb/cherry-pick-rev-path-confusion later to maint).
+ * HTTP transport that requires authentication did not work correctly
+ when multiple connections are used simultaneously.
+ (merge 6f4c347 cb/http-multi-curl-auth later to maint).
* The i18n of error message "git stash save" was not properly done.
(merge ed3c400 rl/maint-stash-i18n-save-error later to maint).

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