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git-remote-testpy: fix path hashing on Python 3

When this change was originally made (0846b0c - git-remote-testpy:
hash bytes explicitly , I didn't realise that the "hex" encoding we
chose is a "bytes to bytes" encoding so it just fails with an error
on Python 3 in the same way as the original code.

It is not possible to provide a single code path that works on
Python 2 and Python 3 since Python 2.x will attempt to decode the
string before encoding it, which fails for strings that are not
valid in the default encoding.  Python 3.1 introduced the
"surrogateescape" error handler which handles this correctly and
permits a bytes -> unicode -> bytes round-trip to be lossless.  As
the original came from reading the filesystem path, we convert them
back into the original bytes encoded in sys.getfilesystemencoding().

At this point Python 3.0 is unsupported so we don't go out of our
way to try to support it.

Helped-by: Michael Haggerty <>
Signed-off-by: John Keeping <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 parent f9640ac commit 3ac221a78eba2f447a7990fc5c4709853dc32fee @johnkeeping johnkeeping committed with Jan 27, 2013
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@@ -36,6 +36,22 @@
sys.stderr.write("git-remote-testgit: requires Python 2.0 or later.\n")
+def encode_filepath(path):
+ """Encodes a Unicode file path to a byte string.
+ On Python 2 this is a no-op; on Python 3 we encode the string as
+ suggested by [1] which allows an exact round-trip from the command line
+ to the filesystem.
+ [1]
+ """
+ if sys.hexversion < 0x03000000:
+ return path
+ return path.encode(sys.getfilesystemencoding(), 'surrogateescape')
def get_repo(alias, url):
"""Returns a git repository object initialized for usage.
@@ -45,7 +61,7 @@ def get_repo(alias, url):
hasher = _digest()
- hasher.update(repo.path.encode('hex'))
+ hasher.update(encode_filepath(repo.path))
repo.hash = hasher.hexdigest()
repo.get_base_path = lambda base: os.path.join(

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