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License: MIT Binder

LPWC examples

Examples for running the LPWC R package for time series clustering that are executable within Binder.


Once R studio is launched, please navigate to the bottom right corner where the files are located. The LPWC.R file executes all the code available in the LPWC vignette. The example.R file provides example code for analyzing time series data using LPWC. It also shows one way to select the number of clusters using the silhouette method and how to plot the clusters using ggplot2. The example.R is easy to run and instructions are included with each line of code. The interpolate.R file provides an implementation for interpolating between large gaps of timepoints. After clicking one of the .R files, the file should open up in the top left corner of the R studio. For macOS, click Command + Enter to run the particular line and step through the example. Similarly, Windows users can use ctrl + Enter to run each line. With a large number of genes, corr.bestlag takes time to process. To replace the example dataset with a new dataset, please read the comments in the example.R file.


It is normal for Binder to take several minutes to load the executable software environment. If you see the error message Failed to connect to event stream when launching Binder, simply refresh your web browser. The connection will typically be re-established and launch Binder successfully.

Binder will time out after a period of inactivity. If this happens, you will need to relaunch Binder and restart the example analysis.


Examples for running LPWC that are executable within Binder





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