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Gene regulatory network reconstruction from pseudotemporal single-cell gene expression data
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Single-Cell Inference of Networks using Granger Ensembles (SCINGE)


Gene regulatory network reconstruction from pseudotemporal single-cell gene expression data. Standalone MATLAB implementation of the SCINGE algorithm. This code has been tested on MATLAB R2014b and R2018a on Linux operating systems.


If you use the SCINGE software please cite:

Atul Deshpande, Li-Fang Chu, Ron Stewart, Anthony Gitter. Network inference with Granger causality ensembles on single-cell transcriptomic data. bioRxiv 2019. doi:10.1101/534834


This code requires the glmnet_matlab package ( Unzip in either the root directory (that contains SCINGE_Example.m) or the code subdirectory.


  • Data - Path to ordered single-cell expression data (e.g., data1/X_SCODE_data)
  • outdir - Path to folder for storing results from individual GLG Tests
  • num_replicates - Number of subsampled replicates obtained for each GLG Test
  • gene_list - Path to list of gene names corresponding to the expression data in Data (e.g., data1/tf).
  • param_list - A list of GLG hyperparameter combinations for the hyperparameters described below

GLG Hyperparameters:

  • param.ID - Identifier for GLG hyperparameter set
  • param.lambda - Sparsity parameter (lambda = 0 results in a non-sparse solution)
  • param.dT - Time resolution for GLG Test
  • param.num_lags - Number of lags for GLG Test
  • param.kernel_width - Gaussian kernel width for GLG Test
  • - Distribution Family of the gene expression values (options = gaussian, poisson, default = gaussian)
  • param.prob_zero_removal - For Zero-Handling Strategy (default = 0)
  • param.prob_remove_samples - Sample removal rate for obtaining subsampled replicates (default = 0.2)
  • - Valid date in the dd-mmm-yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format.


  • ranked_edges - Edge lists ranked according to their SCINGE scores
  • influential_genes - Genes ranked according to their SCINGE influence.

Note on Reproducibility of Results

Because the subsampling and zero-removal stages involve pseudo-random sample removals, we generate a random seed using input hyperparameters, including the date input. The results can be reproduced by providing the same inputs and date from a previous experiment.


SCINGE_Example.m demonstrates a simple example with two hyperparameter sets and two replicates. It runs SCINGE on data1/X_SCODE_data and writes the results to the Output directory.


SCINGE is available under the MIT License, Copyright © 2019 Atul Deshpande, Anthony Gitter.

The file iLasso_for_SCINGE.m has been modified from iLasso.m. The original third-party code is available under the MIT License, Copyright © 2014 USC-Melady.

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