IRC bridge – multiple issues #131

grawity opened this Issue Feb 24, 2014 · 1 comment

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I don't know yet if the IRC bridge is considered important enough, so I'm just posting a single list for now.

  • Motd framing is broken – the first line correctly has source/numeric prepended (although missing the "last parameter" : marker); all other lines don't have any prefix at all.
  • After joining a channel, the automatic names list shows all users & a bot named gitter. However, after sending NAMES #chan, the returned names list only has myself (with op status).
  • The 004 numeric seems to have only empty parameters (except for the version). Should look like 004 grawity 0.9.0 w o o (claim to support at least usermode +w and channel op status).
  • If I'm not in any channels, WHOIS grawity returns an unnecessary 319 with empty parameter.

Hi @grawity, just deployed a new version that fixes all this issues. Are you using the IRC bridge? How are you finding it?

By the way, apart from this issues, you'll see that some commands are disabled because they don't apply to how Gitter works but the bridge is still evolving and we're trying to find ways to make everything work smoothly.

Would love to hear more feedback.

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