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I think it would be great if you could try to get a tup package into debian and ubuntu.

Are there any plans to update the tup PPA?


I rechecked the PPA page and it installs fine in Ubuntu 12.04. I thought the package was outdated, because the description reads "Daily build for Lucid." and the only listed series is "Lucid".

Getting tup into the official debian and ubuntu repositories would be helpful. Though I know that this might no be easy.


See for instructions on how to ask to have a package packaged. I'd also love to see tup packaged for Debian (which will automatically result in it getting into Ubuntu eventually).


Did this ever get anywhere? It's pretty much showstopping for me.

e2 commented May 8, 2016 edited

@davidgiven - I created my own PPA, based on 0.7.4.

I've changed a few things, since the build was extremely complex:
1. Switched to CMake (makes a big difference!)
2. Used stock versions of sqlite and liblua dynamically linked (NOTE: missing custom tup patches!)

Aside from that, I use uupdate to updated the sources based on

So if you ever want an updated version in the PPA, just ask for a tup release with the fixes, and let me know, and I'll submit a new build.

It builds without any litian warnings (AFAIR), so there are patches to make the package as clean as possible.


Thanks very much --- but unfortunately PPAs don't do me much good; I'm a Debian user...

e2 commented May 8, 2016

@davidgiven - I heard rumors that Debian was going to aim to support PPA's (or similar).

I don't know what your need are, but this is pretty close:

(I don't use any Ubuntu specific stuff in my source package or patches, so let me know if it works or not).

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