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Version 0.7.4
 - Windows 64-bit executable support
 - Windows support for Unicode filenames
 - ^-input pattern to exclude specific files from wildcards
 - file-system namespace on Linux to avoid '.tup/mnt' paths in subprocesses
 - %1f, %2o, etc flags for referencing specific inputs & outputs
 - 'Tupdefault' support, similar to Tupdefault.lua but for regular Tupfiles
 - --prune flag for 'tup graph'
 - hidden files are now tracked (except .tup, .git, etc)
 - Re-worked lua parser to re-use the existing parser infrastructure
 - Removed unused reverse rules and *-chains


Version 0.7.3
 - Various minor bugfixes


Version 0.7.2
 - quiet display support
 - 'tup generate' to create a one-time build script


Version 0.7.1
 - Tupfile.ini support
 - Custom gitignores
 - Many bugfixes


Version 0.7
 - Built-in Lua parser
 - 'error' command in Tupfiles
 - Output files in different sub-directories (including generated directories)
 - Resource file support
 - 'tup graph --combine'
 - ^o flag for skipping dependent commands if the output file is the same as a previous run


Version 0.6.5
 - Support for node variables
 - Started variants (Linux, OSX)
 - Added <groups>
 - Added '%d' for current directory name
 - Added 'preload' keyword
 - Added '%g' for glob pattern match
 - Added 'tup refactor'


Version 0.6
 - Support for full file-system dependencies (eg: recompiling when /usr/bin/gcc changes)
 - Support for environment variable tracking (eg: recompiling when $PATH changes)
 - Many Windows stability issues addressed
 - Progress bar updates (estimated completion time, job runtime, variable sized bar, etc)
 - Various performance fixes & bug fixes (as always)
 - Each commit is tested on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux, OSX, and Windows before getting pushed out


Version 0.5
 - run script feature added (ability to generate :-rules from shell, python, lua, or other scripts)
 - sub-process output is buffered & progress bar updated for better display
 - .ini-style local, user-level, and global options
 - master-fork backend to avoid race conditions with fuse
 - many bugfixes and new tests


Version 0.4.1: Fix a bug that had directories as dependencies on comm…
…ands, removed symlinks from the database, and use clang on OSX.


Version 0.4: Fuse filesystem replaces ldpreload (includes static bina…
…ry support, better symlink support), Windows support, Mac OSX support, various bugfixes and new tests.
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