This is a simple base project with nodejs for DApps development on Ethereum
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Install packages

npm install

Config Mnemonic env variable:

Copy Mnemonic on Metamask extension. If you forgot it, you can reset it on Settings/Reveal Seed Words. enter image description here

On Windows 10, open PowerShell (not cmd) and use bellow command:

$env:MNEMONIC='12 words of your mnemory'

Config Infura URL env variable:

Register Infura URL on

Check email to receive Infura URL.

On Windows, open PowerShell and use bellow command:


Compile contract:

node ./compile.js

Run unit test:

npm run test

Deploy to Rineby Test Net:

node ./deploy.js

Make sure you that: You switched to Rineby Test Net on Metamask and you must have a account with Ethers. You can use to request some Ethers.