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Accelerate Google Analytics.

Get Start

Run via Docker

docker pull giuem/ga-proxy
docker run -d -p <port>:80 --name <container_name> giuem/ga-proxy

Run as you like

1. Install

Download binary from release or build yourself.

2. Run

GIN_MODE=release ./ga-proxy [arguments]


--ip IP, -i IP        IP to listen (default: "") [$IP]
--port port, -p port  port to listen (default: "9080") [$PORT]


./ga_proxy -i -p 80

3. Insert script to your website

// replace following variables to your own
window.ga_tid = "UA-XXXXX-Y";
window.ga_url = "";
<script src="" async></script>

Note: is my own service, it do not promise any SLA and may shutdown at some day. You'd better deploy your own server.

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