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Download and unzip the archive.
The file abl_link~.pd_linux should go into ~/Bela/projects/pd-externals and the file _main.pd should go into a project you run (e.g.: ~/Bela/projects/bela-link-example).
You can do these through drag and drop in the Bela IDE (note: you will need to create the folders before dragging your files there).
As you start the project, the sequencer will start with default settings .

You will need another Link device on the network to control the timing of the sequencer running on Bela. For instance, you can run [abl_link~] on Pd on your computer:

  • You need Pd-0.47 to install abl_link~ via Deken (go to Help > Find externals and type abl_link in the search box).
  • Then open the help patch of abl_link~ and turn on the connect toggle.
  • you should now be able to change the tempo number box here and the Bela patch should follow accordingly.