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Stuff from the Abbey Road hackathon, featuring aubio, websockets, Pd, noise cancellation.

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Play the Singer

Table #7 submission for the first Red Hackathon held in Studio One at Abbey Road on 10-11 November 2018.

♬ Singing with your DJ friend like gamifying a jam! ♬


Item What is it for?
Bela a maker platform makes everything in a real-time fashion
Pure Data a programming language for multimedia
Audio Commons resources get audio samples to jam with using Python
other stuff microphone, headphone, midi sequencer etc.


### Pd external
apt-get install pd-iemlib

# aubio (python didn't work :( )
tar xvf aubio-0.4.7.tar.bz2
cd aubio-0.4.7
./waf configure build && ./waf install

### For the node OSC/WS bridge (in the project)

cd node
npm install

For using Freesound or AudioCommons servers to retrieve more samples:

apt-get install libsox-dev
pip install requests pysox

Retrieving Creative Commons samples (an optional step)

If you want to retrieve Creative Commons samples on Bela, you will need an internet connection (ethernet or wi-fi dongle). You can then download sounds into the 'samples' folder according to your 9 keywords of choice with the following command.

python background-sound keyword1 keyword2 keyword3 keyword4 keyword5 keyword6 keyword7 keyword8


python ambient cat lion baby crash thunder trump kick [in the] ass

How to jam?

  • Get voice from the microphone input of player Duo-1 such that pitch and loudness are estimated using Bela.

  • Audio samples are retrieved based on the keywords selected by player Duo-2, who can control the samples later by a midi sequencer (or other gestural interfaces) to jam with Duo-1.

  • Based on both audio and visual feedback, two players can gamifying the jam.

  • To be precise on the visualization, Duo-1 can make the avatar jump higher through singing higher, and move faster by singing louder. In the meanwhile, how the blocks look like is decided by Duo-2.

  • In terms of audio feedback, global tempo can be increased by louder voice from Duo-1. Each block is associated to an audio sample decided by Duo-2.


Stuff from the Abbey Road hackathon, featuring aubio, websockets, Pd, noise cancellation.






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