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*** This is for Bela image v0.3 or above ***

SuperCollider 3.9dev for Bela with Xenomai-3. Built from a385647 against libbela source code BelaPlatform/Bela@835a2da
also, sc3-plugins (requires apt-get install fftw3-dev)

The supercollider .deb file was packaged with:

checkinstall --pkgname="supercollider-bela-xenomai-3" --pkgversion="3.9deb" --pkgsource="" --provides="supercollider-bela" --conflicts="supercollider" make install/fast

**NOTE: this requires a Bela image v0.3 or above, with Xenomai-3. scsynth dynamically links to libbela

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*** This is for Bela image v0.2.1 or below ***

SuperColider 3.9dev for Bela . Built from ce7faff against Bela source code BelaPlatform/Bela@a707c9d

You can download the file supercollider-bela_20170805-2_armhf.deb to your board and install it with

rm -rf /usr/local/share/SuperCollider
dpkg --remove `dpkg -l | grep supercollider | cut -d " " -f 3` # remove existing installation
dpkg -i supercollider-bela_20170805-2_armhf.deb # install 

Optional bonus step is the collection of sc3-plugins built from supercollider/sc3-plugins@8352b26

You can install it by copying supercollider-bela-sc3-plugins_20170806-1_armhf.deb to your board and install it with

dpkg -i supercollider-bela-sc3-plugins_20170806-1_armhf.deb

Note: if you are using this from the SC IDE and/or sclang on your computer:

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Built with checkinstall make install/fast

SuperCollider 3.8dev for Bela 25adf32 with Bela core files BelaPlatform/Bela@52f9e38