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This release is incompatible with previous releases of kiwi and minor
changes are required to use it.

1) Several functions' prototypes in the C API have been changed to
 make them re-entrant. For this reason these functions requires an
 additional parameter (a pointer to the parser data). Upgrading from a
 previous release you must identify the relevant functions and change
 the code accordingly. Special care must be taken for variable number
 arguments functions (bprintf, append_to_tag_content) as the compiler
 sometime accept the old-style invocation, leading to a segmentation
2) The base_url default is now "/". A "/" is not added to links
 automatically anymore. This essentially means that if you have
 previously used set_base_url or base_url, you need to add a "/". If
 you are not changing the base_url you do not need to change anything.
3) Single aposthrophes are not blended anymore in links (i.e.,
 [[link]]'s will not include "'s" in the anchor text), according to
 MediaWiki behaviour.
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