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Generate a site using Hugo, a Fast and Flexible Website Generator, running in Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server.
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Generates a site using Hugo, a Fast and Flexible Website Generator.

Hugo logo here


The Build Task will automatically download the hugo executable, if the version is not already present on the build machine, and invoke it.

You can specify some common options.

  • Source: relative path from repo root of the Hugo sources, defaults to Build.SourcesDirectory, passed as --source flag.
  • Destination: path of Hugo generated site, typically Build.ArtifactStagingDirectory, passed as --destination flag.
  • Hugo Version: defines the Hugo version, use latest, 0.25.1, 0.24, but not v0.24 (pick valid values from Hugo Releases page). If the preferred version cannot be found, the latest released version will be used instead.
  • Extended Version: download the extended Hugo version (SCSS/SASS support).
  • Base URL: sets the hostname (and path) to the root, e.g., passed as --baseURL flag.
  • Include Drafts: to include content marked as draft, passed as --buildDrafts flag.
  • Include Expired: to include expired content, passed as --buildExpired flag.
  • Include Future: to include content with publishdate in the future, passed as --buildFuture flag.
  • Use Ugly URLs: to use /filename.html instead of /filename/, passed as --uglyURLs flag.

Build Task Arguments screenshot here

A detailed walk through is here Building a Hugo Site with the VSTS Extension

More Information on Hugo on this site.

The Hugo logos are copyright © Steve Francia 2013–2018.

Release Notes


  • Fixes (ISSUE#5)
  • Added support for Extended version (Hugo 0.43 and later)


  • Use TLS 1.2 for GitHub API (PR#3)


  • Initial release
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