a C library for accessing OCI runtime and image spec files
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Signed-off-by: Giuseppe Scrivano <gscrivan@redhat.com>
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A library for easily parsing of OCI runtime and OCI image files from C, and generate json string from corresponding struct.

The parser is generated directly from the JSON schema in the source repository.

Parsing an OCI configuration file is easy as:

    oci_container *container = oci_container_parse_file ("config.json", NULL, &err);

    if (container == NULL)
      exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

    /* Print the container hostname.  */
    if (container->hostname)
        printf ("The specified hostname is %s\n", container->hostname);

    for (size_t i; i < container->mounts_len; i++)
        printf ("Mounting to %s\n", container->mounts[i]->destination);

    printf ("Running as user ID and GID %d %d\n", container->process->user->uid, container->process->user->gid);

Generating an OCI configuration json string is also easy as:

    oci_container container;
    char *json_buf = NULL;

    memset (&container, 0, sizeof (oci_container));

    container.oci_version = "2";
    container.hostname = "ubuntu";
    /* Add other configuration. */
    /* ... ... */

    json_buf = oci_container_generate_json (&container, NULL, &err);
    if (json_buf == NULL)
      exit (EXIT_FAILURE);

    printf ("The generated json string is:\n%s\n", json_buf);